View Full Version : Dahunter 1 on 1 - Chicago June 2008

12-04-2008, 02:07 AM
This is a review of the 2day one on one I took with Dahunter in Chicago in June of 2008.

I was a little apprehensive about taking the one on one with Dahunter due to the mediocre experience that I had when I had taken a boot camp. On the boot camp it seemed like some of the instructors were trying a little too hard to be “alpha” and just came off looking like dicks. One of the instructors got so drunk the first night he had a hard time walking and I didn’t get much infield feedback. Fortunately, I lucked out with Dahunter. Dahunter was one of the most down to earth, laid back, cool guys I have ever met. He was very genuine about wanting me to succeed and about helping me get better. Both nights he could have ended the night at our scheduled end time of 2am but we ended up staying out until 4 or 5am both nights.

He was spot on about seeing my sticking points and helping me get through them. He helped me with my escalation and the results have been well worth the money. I had 10 new lays in the first 2 months after my one on one (and that’s with only going out 2 times a week)… I have a really cool girlfirend and life’s good.

So hey, if you read this Dahunter… thanks a lot man. You’re cool shit and I really appreciate all of effort to help me succeed.