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04-10-2006, 02:44 AM
help me god. but my last 3set had a butch lesbian cockblock who wanted to spa with me nd i mean punch up. who isolated my target nd was like hes trying to pick u up but the girl was so into me she came back nd gave me her number neway so did her hot friend. but lets discuss butch lesbian cock blocks nd how lame they are lol. i negged nd amogged her it was funny to adapt.
butch lesbian: *punches me in chest*
me: your kinda touchy feely for me
butch lesbian: *shows off her pec muscles*
me: o0o ive never met a guy who cud wiggle his tits like that
butch lesbian: you are such a fag
me: omg i get it you're the bigger man do you need to be so competetive im trying to make friends. *to the other 2* friends guys? group hug *hugs the 2 girls leaves butch lesbian out*
help me lol i did fine with the other girls but u guys got ne ideas of how to go about this situation just ne input at all lol. next time im gonna try being like "wow u must be the cock block i wish i had someone like u to protect me from all the girls trying to pick me up."

04-10-2006, 03:05 AM
lol gold candyman!!

04-10-2006, 03:08 AM
I would have done the same neg the shit out of her lol
Was this lezbo a friend of the girls?

04-10-2006, 06:54 AM
Mate don't know if I could of helped you!!! LOL. But it brings a story about a pre PUA situation I had involving a lesbian cock block (false by the way).
I'm with 2 girls 8-8.5 and 1 guy. I'm working the guy and female (obstacle is as hot as friend) obstacle to get to a hot scattered chick. Obstacle is coming on like a hard ass. Shes 22 yo with attitude but no life experience to back it up, I'm 32 and seen it all before. We're happily Negging each other and she hates it A) Because I don't care what she says B) be cause I give as good as I get. Her friend goes to the bar and she turns to me and says "ah you can't have her anyway we're a couple". I look at her and just say "your full of Sh*t" she is stunned and mumbles "no I'm not...you can't tell that you don't know us" (she was a seasoned man eater but no on back foot) I reply "your so full of sh*t luv" Jaw drops and before she speaks I jump in " you know if you were a couple you'd stand closer together...you'd touch each other....when she went to the bar she would have asked if you wanted a drink and touched you affectiontley or kissed you....if your a lesbian you ain't gettin laid honey". She is left with nothing to say so I revert to fluffing, this girl actually became interested in me LOL, I'm thinkin this treat'm mean keep em keen appears to work. In the end I ejected because I had committed to the one and it got complex and I couldn't be bothered - that said it was more fun being challenged by this girl than picking up. Please remember this was all Pre PUA so in hind sight much could have been done. But it was still fun.
It's not your situation but I hope it helps others who get a Bullsh*t line. Or at least gives someone a laugh.
All the best keep on truckin,

04-10-2006, 07:13 AM
I would pretend I have a girl for her. Ask her what type of mate she wants. Steer clear of sexual talk. Tell her you SOEMHOW know a bunch of really cool women who are lesbos.
If she started the punching, I would avoid reciprocation. Don;t play her games. Disarm her with kindness and some attention. Offer to play VERBAL games that she would not like but the target would.
Kill her w/kindness and casually isolate the target.