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04-2006-10, 12:58 AM
David D talks about having six "default" things to say at any time.
I had a hard time coming up with these. As I saw it, defaults were
just openers I'd throw in at any time. Now I see that these are
*slightly* different from openers.
A default, the way I see it, is something you say during a lull in
the conversation where you want to get things back on track.
Here's an impromptu default I came up with on Friday:
-- I'm with a two-set all night. An awkard silence sets in... --
Me: (yelling) "SCHLONG!"
HB#1: "Cock!"
HB#2: "Love pole!"
Me: "Big Jim & the Twins!"
-- We all keep taking turns, counter-clockwise rotation. The lull is
over. --
We played this for about two minutes and after that it was easy to
transition into natural conversation.
That was my first breakthrough and I'm wondering what other techniques others might be using that I (and others) might be able to learn from.
Does anyone have some other "defaults" they could share?

04-2006-10, 01:12 AM
"So, you guys like...stuff?"
I usually have a routine which varys from night to night which I pull out whenever necessary.

04-2006-27, 10:02 AM
Don't even listen to Iceman, that default is likely to have them run off and it's been done to death. I like "hey if you don't say something in five seconds I'm going to throw acid in your eyes"...because they who knows, you COULD have a jar of acid stashed in a coat pocket or some shit.

Vincent Chase
04-2006-27, 11:10 AM
I think Ice was being sarcastic. =]
Always have a stock silence breaker. It's just common sense.

04-2006-27, 11:36 AM
I don't give a shit if he was being sarcastic, I wasn't. that bitch better think of something good to say AND FAST or she's getting a jar of acid in her eyes.

04-2006-27, 04:49 PM
I think the Simpsons reference kind of implies I was being sarcastic.
Another golden silence breaker from Iceman: "My cats breath smells like cat food"