View Full Version : Baby's DHV Spike - "What's your name?" - Field tested

Baby Girl
04-2006-09, 08:09 AM
Hi Guys,
Here is a qualilty little tip for some of you APUA's who loves dowsing their prey in DHV.
When you open a set and reach hook point, invariably girls will ask your name. As we all know, it's good not to ask their name because you can have any woman you want, so why would you be interested in little details about her - she needs to earn your IOI's!!!
Anyway, sometimes, in set it just feels right to ask for her name in return. Next time you do, try this little piece:
HB: What's your name?
BG: Baby Girl... and you?
HB: It's "Fuckhead"
BG: Fuckhead... I once had a girlfriend called fuckhead... she was one of those Formula One Pit Girls... She turned out to be a psycho so i had to eject her... i think she's going out with a racing driver now.
You can neg her by adding... "You're not a psycho are you?"
Deliver the entire line as if you are not really bothered and simply recalling things from memory. It is very important that you say this as if you are just remembering your ex rather than trying to impress your target... remember... Girls have good radars, so make it congruent.
I like this routine because it can be used so quickly and easily to infuse DHV into a very common situation. Something as simple as asking for your name has just given her some pretty impressive info about yourself... i.e. you date models, you dump models if they aren't cool and your cast-offs go out with racing drivers... It's like having DHV in pepper spray (aim it in her face)
I have tested this multiple times in the field... it is not unusual to catch a few more IOI's after running this piece...
Good luck,
BG xxx