View Full Version : I need some advice/suggestions/help on working on my SENSE OF HUMOR

11-23-2008, 01:00 PM
my SENSE OF HUMOR needs some improvement and this is where I need suggestions/help/advice. I know that getting laid is not all about being funny, however, I want to start using Cocky Funny alot more.
Some people will tell me, "hey your ether naturally funny or your not". All I got to say is "FUCK YOU". Anything can be accomplished with a good worth ethnic and motivation. Thats what i have.

Things I am going to do this X-Mas break to improve my SENSE OF HUMOR
- Keep reading alot of Cocky Funny material
- Download comedian shows on my Zune and listen to them at work
- Read Comedy Writing Secrets
- Banter lines around the web
- Practice material

Can anyone around here think of other things I should do to improve my SENSE OF HUMOR.
Suggestions of which Comedian shows to listen to? (I got Chris Rock's "Killing them sofly" and some Dave Chapelle stuff)