View Full Version : Are you always careless person?

04-2006-09, 03:07 AM
I have always ignore something in my life, that is i am a careless person. i keep thinking to myself it will fix itself. When i do my maths exams, i will write a "+" then forget about it statements down.
Another example is which i type something up i would leave out words, hence turning my expression into a load of trash.
does anyone has this careless habit?
how did u fix it up?
what activity/course i can take to fix it up?

04-2006-09, 03:10 AM
Paying Attention!!!!!!!!...
on a serious note....try getting a newspaper article and type it out word for wor....must be exact. Time yourself....then get a similar article and type that out...keep practicing your time until you get better without missing any words...
and apply it to your personal life...wherever your having this problem.