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04-08-2006, 07:23 PM
What are some good caveman tactics when your trying escalate or be engaged in intamacy? without going into lockup for 5 - 10 years :)
This is a major sticking point for me, im having no trouble attracting and getting girls to be interested in me but getting these girls to act on their interest is another thing......
For example:
I met this girl a while back...(Gina) HB8 and I picked her up on the dancefloor at this club called 'traks' (im from sydney Australia). We danced for maybe an hour or so then she went to get a drink, so i followed her to the bar and we shared a bottle of water. I managed to isolate her to a more comfortable place where we could chill. I felt cos i had already been with her for a while that i could skip the attraction phase and go straight into comfort. After about 10 15 minutes of general fluffing i started to probe her about relationships and her past experiences.
Sine: so how many serious relationships have you been in?
HB8: how many do you think....guess
Sine: I dunno......1 (I was getting the vibe that she was a conservative type of girl)
HB8: (she laughed) I'm not that much of a loser
Sine: OK 5 or 6
HB8: yeah 6, How many serious relationships have you been in?
I threw off this bullshit story that I had only ever been in one relationship and the girl i was with moved away and since she left me i couldn't commit to any one girl. She lapped it up and i knew at this point i had built major rapport. So i pressed on with the intimacy talk.
Sine: How many guys have you been with?
HB8: Sex?
Sine: yeah...
HB8: I cant beleive im telling you this but I trust you...... none im a virgin
Sine:(long pause).............BULLSHIT
HB8: No, seriously
Sine: Thats crazy, is it a religious thing?
HB8: No i just havent met the right guy.....How many girls have u been with?
Sine: (i said nothing and held eye contact with her)
HB8: you cant count them huh!?
Sine: no im just not going to tell you....
At this point i really felt like i could be physically intimate with her but this fucken drunk cunt blew in outer no where and started talking about how hammered he was he stayed for about 10 min then walked off....it totally blew the mood. At this point i looked at my watch it was about 3:30 am and i had to be at work the next day at 6 so i really had to leave. I number closed her and said i would call her back.
So i msg her later on in the week and we hooked up again exactly a week later in the same club. I could tell she was keen as fuck cos i msg'ed her when i got to the club and she called me straight away.
I knew she was keen but i really didn't know how to physically make a move. We danced for a while talked a bit but is just didn't happen. After being with her for an hour or so she says to me shes tired and wants to go home. Im like 'fine, cya later' (really casually), so she walks off. Im in the club for another couple of hours and then i bumped into her again.
Sine:'I thought you were leaving"
HB8: Yeah im going soon.
I totally staled out in her eyes i think, and in hindsight i should have just grabbed my balls and tried to force myself onto her. All this work i did was for nothing.....yet another girl slips through my hands. Im fucken sick of it, i need help phase shifting but i think i just lack the confidence to go caveman.
Does anyone have any advice ?
- The Sine

04-08-2006, 07:30 PM
Run David D's kiss test
Here's something else that might be helpful to you later on:

04-08-2006, 07:32 PM
Suggest to them to go back to your/her place to get something to eat...suggestive to be alone, but not sexual either..thin line...
Some chicks hate public display of kissing...others like it.
Kino the shit outta them ...to build sexual desire and tension.

Remy LeBeau
04-08-2006, 08:53 PM
haha, i like the term: "going caveman."
I agree. Keep the kino going, dancing is a great way to kino up a chick if you know how to. I'd personally just calibrate how much she was responding to it. If you feel like you're in rapport with her, and you're touching her go just for it.
Based on what you told us in your post, I don't believe you would have any trouble kissing her as the comfort was building. Right after your DHV gf story would have been a great time to say...
" do you want to kiss me? "
if she gives you any other answer besides no, she does. go for it. if she says no, just respond with;
" i didnt say you could, it just looked like you had something on your mind. "