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04-2006-08, 01:17 PM
I kinda wish there was still and AFC archive, cause I could post this with more confidence of not looking like an ass. Anyway the reason I got in the game is to get the woman that is out there for me and get into relationships and such. Recently one of the girls I gamed has proposed we move in together. I was actually good about it and made it look like I needed convincing. She worked to get me to agree, I'm still very much in the air. I told her that I would expect only one thing to be her roomate and thats the truth...sounds dumb I know. She got kinda got stand offish and now is wondering if we should still move in together. Should I crash and burn this one or should I try and keep going or is this a shit test? Plz advise me as if I'm an idiot AFC, BECAUSE I AM.

04-2006-08, 01:29 PM
Please explain your relationship with her in more detail. It'll be tough to be accurate without more insight into your relationship.