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The Heart Break Kid
04-2006-08, 07:44 AM
This a really great impromtu display of your psychic abilities. You can do this anywhere and at anytime as long as you have your wingman with you. You can substitute your wingman with an AFC friend and clue them in on the trick but I don't recommend that. This has been field tested by myself and my wingman Messiah with alot of great reactions.!!!
By the time you decide to use this, you should already have opened the set(anysize), you should have DHV'd and given your wingman an accomplishment intro.....
To start the trick you ask if anyone in the set has any change.... You need to be prepared and bring your own change just in case no one has any.... since alot of people don't bring change to bars or clubs....
"i need 9 coins, of any value" .... the value makes no difference
you take the 9 coins and arrange them in a 3x3 square (see the pic if you need help) on the table or bar....
It is crucial to the trick that you perform this in a spot that your wingman has a place at the bar or table that can be clearly seen by you.
At this point tell the Target or obstacle (your choice) that you are going to turn around and that she needs to pick a coin, any coin on the table and to point at it and touch it. Tell her that she needs to make it clear to all of her friends which coin she picked.....
remember.... I am turned around the whole time.... and i cannot see the target or the coins!
After she has pointed to the coin I can then turn around and show her which she picked....
This is where all kinds of KINO can be innitiated....
While you are playing up the storyline hover your hand over the coins about a few inches above the table. You can tell her that you can feel the body heat that she left on the coin she touched, then take her arm or hand and tell her that you feel the similarities of the heat from her body and of the heat left on the coin.... or you can take her hand and softly rubbing it tell her that " i can tell by the way you are touching me back, which coin you picked. I can just feel the connection" ........................ Then you show her and the group which coin she picked.
Here is how its done.......
Like I said before, your wingman is crucial.
While you are turned around and cannot see which coin is picked, your wing can see everything.
While the target is picking her coin, the wingman needs to be drinking his beer..... when the target picks the coin, the wing needs to place his beer down on the table onto a napkin... this is all done while the person performing the trick is turned around
this is where the trick is made...... the wing places his beer on the corrosponding corner of his napkin in relation to the coin picked..... example... if the hb picks the center coin then the wings beer should end up in the center of the napkin!!!
As i turn around i will glance at my wings beer and napkin placement.....( do not make this obvious) after my wing sees that i have taken a look at the beer/napkin he then removes it from the table and takes another drink...
Thats when all the fun storylines come into play and i pick the coin...
They will all suspect some kind of mirrors so just to prove there are no mirrors ask someone else to pick a coin while you have the HB target cover your eyes with her hands (KINO)... do it again and you will get it right again!!!!
On the rare occasion that someone suspects your wing giving you hand signals of some sort..... tell them that he will turn around as soon as I turn around..... of course this is already after she has picked the coin and the beer has been placed.... then with your wing turned around, you can still pick the correct coin!!
This trick can be done as many times as you want.... just don't become the "performing monkey"
You can also use something other then a napkin, it just makes it harder to perform though.... your wing can point to a corner of his beer label with his finger of the hand already holdong the beer..(alot harder to do and read)..... so if you have any suggestions post those.
I like the body heat and psychic reading storyline that go along with this, but I would love to hear new ideas!!:D

04-2006-08, 08:21 AM
A very nice addition. I boosted your rep for it.