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11-11-2008, 01:43 PM
Hey guys.

I know you probably hate reading peoples' texts - but i really don't understand where this went wrong. I played the game. But now she is ignoring me. I'm not going to pursue her I just wanna learn for future reference. I met this girl in a club, got her number and texted her the next evening. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance:

Me (sunday): Hello Smartarse ; ). How are we today? Just so you know, I've spoke to your parents about staying with them in US when I do my travelling - they said it was cool. :p Awww. Bless them. They are really sweet...where did they go wrong with you :p. He he. It was a shame you and your friend couldn't come to the next club with us - we had to rush off as one of the guy's ex-girlfriends was there and he was desperate to get there. Very random and lots of drama....but I needed to be there in support. Was a really good night though. : D. And it was cool meeting you. Lots of love, Zeus xxx p.s. I love that name, may use it from now on - ''oh, I thought your name was Tom'' ... ''no, I changed it because of some Aussie girl - it's now Zeus'' ; )

Her (sunday night):Wow- longest sms i've ever received... Kinda like u were having a conversation w urself! :P yeah- think zeus suits. hav u been practising ur dance moves- maybe u can show my folks?! :)

Me (monday): Cheeky! ; ) I do not need to pratice my dance moves - they are already amazing. If I remember correctly, you were very impressed, he he. Long text? Yup. I have a habit of doing that... I'm gonna make this one as long as possible :p. I have had such a random today... Lots and lots of work : (. Never good. Have you been up to much today Miss. ''marketing'' ? Well obviously nothing as exciting as meeting me on saturday :p. He he. Did you and your friend go out afterwards with her 'boy' that she was hunting down? I didn't get home until 4.30am that night. Which was bad as I had to have dinner with a partner of my firm on sunday :s. Xxx p.s. I've already been warned about girls in your profession by a friend - need to keep an eye on you :p.

Me (tuesday): Hey *name*, hope all is well. Perhaps i've been a bit forward with you - sounds like me :s. He he. :p Just wanted to say that you seem like a really nice girl and I actually enjoyed having a conversation with you - it was fun. : ) If you fancy meeting up for a quick drink tomorrow, that would be cool. I'm meeting business school friends in the evening near the city, so I could meet you somewhere after work. If not, it was great meeting you and i'll definitely say hi to the parents when I get to US. ; ) Take care you, Tom.


11-11-2008, 02:23 PM
Are you texting or are you writing an essay?

What she said "WAY TOO LONG" for someone you just met. Too much investment on your part and she's not reciprocating. Very weird and needy. It's called TRYING FOR RAPPORT. If you are going to type that much, well you could CALL her instead.

Check out Braddock's stickied post in the Phone/text game forum.

11-11-2008, 02:58 PM
Yeah. As soon as I wrote it in this forum i was thinking - "Damn! this is Long." I just wanted to massively try to DHV because I didn't get alot of time to do it in the club.

Thanks for the advice : )

11-12-2008, 08:20 AM
She texted back! Yeah... Suprising, i Know. However, I have no idea where to go from here. I've read Braddock's post but has anyone got some advice on what to do this reponse:

Her:hey tom, how u going? Not 2 forward...just a bit cheeky urself! : ) i've been completely busy w work hence delayed reply. Can't tomo-work is hectic. Perhaps another day

Thanks guys

11-12-2008, 08:42 AM
I agree with Miaddict here:

Less is more

The point of text game is to increase intrigue and start playful flirting, NOT to DHV. Leave that for real life.