View Full Version : another field tested kiss transition

04-2006-07, 05:31 PM
This works around the concept of push pull.
I've found that it is near guaranteed a woman will kiss you if you are in her space in a comfortable way so what i do when transitioning for a kiss is when i nuzzle the base of her neck up to her jaw i draw back to her lips nd its comfortable because i am already past that psychological space.
so i nuzzled the base of her neck nd drew back to her lips nd she said "I can't do this" (she didn't have a b/f but she was seeing a guy she felt obligated too a bit) so i pulled back nd then she came and nuzzled me a bit nd then i pulled back to her lips nd then pulled away nd then repeated it, until i was very close nd i asked her "is this torture for you" and she said "yes" nd then we kissed.