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04-2006-07, 12:50 PM
Mental barriers. We all have them. Mine? Sarging the hottest HB9s and 10s at the hottest, trendiest, loud LA clubs.
Oh sure--the coffee shop, the lounge, even the restaurant sarge comes easier to me. Noise levels are low, defenses are down, and the concentration of HB9s and 10s doesn't incite sensory overload.
But in the heightened reality of the club, my negative self-talk kicks in. (Can't compete, etc etc etc) I'm catching it lately---but that sucker is a fighter with a lot of experience under it's belt. But I'm focused like Jay-Z right now---I WILL NOT LOSE.
In the past, I've dealt with this with liberal amounts of alcohol, and communing with my non PUA community friends--you end up having a good time, but only because you're drunk and you're enjoying your friends company.
But you can't help but think "why didn't I get in the game?"
That is changing, now that i've started to sarge with a new friend from the community---a more experienced PUA. Here's the difference.
Your goal is focused. You're having fun, but your partner won't let you relax into complacency. Last night, we hit one of the hottest spots in Hollywood, packed to the gills with so many HB10s that it should've been declared a fucking fire hazard. And a funny thing happened.
We just came from another loungey spot, where my energy level was high, I was opening sets, etc. But when we got to the very hot hollywood club, my PUA partner told me he saw my energy level VISIBLY drop. It was four notches below every girl in the place.
The great thing about having a good wing from the community...they almost know you better than your friends---because you're exposing your own vulnerabilities in a way that you probably couldn't with people who've known you for years---and they are helping you through it. That's why I love this game.
So my wing pushes me into sets---HARD. Doesn't let me rely on alcohol. We open maybe five sets in a hour...and just waste them. Concentrate on A1-A2...and I see, slowly, it's possible. Some are receptive, some just have bad taste (we don't GET rejected.) I warm up, starting getting comfortable doing this.
My wing only stays an hour (works early!), and I notice my energy level drop again when he leaves. I leave soon after.
Now I'm a long way away from the club pickup. But this is a baby step---and and important one. My PUA wing/teacher told me those clubs are the heavy lifting of pickup.
I am determined to keep hitting the gym. Strengthening my frame. Because scarcity is an illusion.
I just keep thinking of the matrix (one)...it took Neo till the end of the movie to see how easy it was...how he was "the one."
I'm still learning kung-fu. But I can see the endgame way down the road.
And that's big.

04-2006-07, 01:40 PM
You know, I feel the exact same way.
Good post.

04-2006-07, 02:26 PM
I feel you.
My energy level drops when I go into loud clubs. I feel it happening. I *hate* the effect the volume of the music and the energy level has on me.
I'm still working on projecting my voice over the loud ass music. I dont have confidence in it and its killing my club game. I'm not used to being at that energy level and feel really incongruent.
I went in early last night and befriended a set there before it got loud. When it was chilled out I was talkative and laughing and having a good time. Once everything ramped up I felt myself get sucked into my body and go introverted because I didnt like interacting in the environment. I fell back to the set from before after sarging a bit and one of the naturals told me to sit down and have a beer cuz I was making him nervous. Apparently I was just standing there surveying the room.
Like anything else its something we have to plow through and work on.
Good luck,