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11-2008-07, 06:26 PM
After repeated (non-traumatic, thankfully) failures in the field, I've figured out that my problems lie deeper than just attracting women. I need to improve my social circle overall, better conversational skills, etc. I just need to become a better person in society before I can become one that attracts girls. Yes, this means I'm having a hard time opening guys too.

I know there's no magical pill to fix this aspect of life, but I'd like to be pushed in the right direction. Anyone have links to media (books, videos, audio) that they've tried and known to fix their social circles?

(yes, I've read Mr M's social circle game articles, which are helpful but still not addressing the deeper problems of building a strong circle and building a good conversational skillset, etc)

11-2008-07, 11:11 PM
David DeAngelo's Man Transformation covers what you need.

11-2008-07, 11:21 PM
After being divorced, i was lost for a year. When you work a lot like i did, and don't make time with friends, they seem to get lost along the way. I'm a music fan at best, so i stopped attending Heavy Metal concerts and began going out to some of my local Gothic Themed clubs. Since then, i've totally rebuilt my social circle. They all know me by another alias name, one associated with the scene, but in a matter of 4 years after my divorce, i'd increased my 'top score' to 7 new partners. Some of those were second helpings, 3 were short term relationships.

So i'm asking, what interests do you have? Sure you can read and watch lots of material, but where will you take it once it becomes head knowledge?