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11-2008-07, 10:28 AM
I've been hanging out with this HB8 since school has started. We've hooked up a couple times but a couple weeks ago she puts on facebook shes in a relationship, doesnt say who but its pretty obvious its the guy from home. At schools we walk holding hands or locking arms so to the public eye it looks like were a couple. She comes to my apt everyday, lays with me in my bed, and my apt mates can see the millions of IOI's. I've had random girls ask me about my girlfriend etc... I really dont give a fuck about this guy at home but im not trying to be just another guy being played by this girl so I've hooked up with another fine girl and the HB8 knows about it. She gets reaaally jealous too when she sees that other girls are eyeing me or if I talk to or about other girls. I still want to be with the HB8 so I need help on what I should do next but it wont be hard for me to just drop it at the same time.

I have all the advantages over this guy here (go to same school as girl, kino every night) but I dont know what the next step is. Should i drop it or keep playin

Any help appreciated

11-2008-07, 11:46 AM
Umm.. IN your definitition does "hookedup" mean sex or not? It is important to know if you had sex or not (sounds like not since you say "kinoed" her ,etc).. I am not sure what teh issue is. Do you want to have sex with her and haven't (and she said it is because of her BF?)... Unless she explicitly stated to you she has a BF ignore it and game on as normal. If she says she has a BF and that is why she doesn't want to get more physical with you then you need to decide if you want to break them up or not. If you do, search for "Boyfriend destroyer" on these forums.

11-2008-07, 01:27 PM
hooked up as in made out, no sex yet. There is a guy at home, I've met him when I spent the weekend at her house but I'm thinking shes using him to make me jealous right now

11-2008-07, 02:13 PM
Sounds like she's playing games...

Maybe you are the guy she's in a relationship with?