View Full Version : Attraction, or the next best thing

11-07-2008, 12:10 AM
I'm taking a cooking class. This is like the perfect storm in college, because it has food, a trillion hot girls, food, and a trillion hot girls. I know I repeated myself---that's because there's a lot of both, and it's amazing.

Anyway, there are two girls in particular that work in the kitchen next to us. One is (I have never referred to a girl as an HB10...but purely physically, this girl is more 10 than I can imagine) more talkative and friendly. The other was a bit more standoffish and less ridiculously and eye-assaultingly hot...but definitely cute.

Try as I might, I was never able to hook the standoffish one (We'll call her HBDisney). Today my roommate and I were singing Disney songs as we cooked (laugh all you want, it opened) and she just LIT UP. I started testing for IOI's by turning away and waiting for her to follow, etc. I got them. Long story short, set up a date.

So the moral of the story---if you can't create attraction, watch for its signs!