View Full Version : What should I do??? Going skating with girl tomorrow. She has a guy I have a girl

11-2008-06, 07:42 PM
Forget the morality for 5 sec. This is just a test to see if I can get a girl. I don't plan on cheating.

So it was last friday. I was at a halloween party then chilled with my friend in her dorm. I ended up in another dorm room. This one had the girl. I had been drinking, so had most people there. I remember standing up and noticing her on my right. She wore a minnie mouse costume. I started talking to her and she was really responsive. I eventually said something like "hey you know who you look like? u really look like the pink ranger" Then I ragged on her about that for a little bit. She said shes never seen her before but was laughing. I observed she had a boyfriend in the place. I said I should show you what she looks like. So we went into her room and looked up pictures of her. I asked her how long shes been with her boyfriend. She said for 3years, but I'm kind of thinking about breaking up with him. but dont tell him. dont tell him. i kept forgetting her name and calling her like the pink ranger and kimberly. Her boyfriend was coming in occasionally. He seemed ok but kind of the afc type. i say something like "you should check out the area, there a lot of cool things to do" she says yes definitely bla bla bla. I get her number but she writes down natasha to try and throw me off. to see if i would forget her name lol. I left to go back to my friends dorm and sleep. The next day was saturday. I texted her around 7. This is the last text I sent that night.

Me: Haha I think u described me perfectly. We need to get u on the ice soon. I might be free friday. ask your bf. Think u can handle it ^_^

Her: Yeah i'll be around then. I probably can't handle it but i'll try!

I dont text her sunday, wait till monday.

text her tuesday and tonight. she seems to be flirting a lot. Doesn't even mention her boyfriend again. These are our text tonight. I was pretty high so I definitely made mistakes.

Me: Hey I've been thinking...want to rob a bank with me?

Her: Absolutely

Me: Cool I need a partner. Are u driving or are u shooting?

Her: I'll drive. I'm not big on shooting

Me: Oh a baddass huh

Her: Haha oh of course :)

Me: Lol I knew it. so tomorrow u ready to show me up at the ice rinkk

Her: haha yeahhhh. Is your girlfriend coming?

Me: R u bringing your guy?

Her: he's going home this weekend.

Me: Idk yet, epends on how early she wants to get to bed. She workds at 6 in the morning saturday

Her: Alrighty :)

Me: Ice opens at 8, pick u up at 7:30. I think your hiding your skating abilities from me and I'm gointo prove it : ) (i think this is probably the worst possibe thing i could of said)

(she doesnt respond)

Me (text her 15 min after last text)

Me: So have u really enver been skating?

Her: never ever

Me: call me

Her: tomorrow?

Me: i meant now but its all cool lol

she calls but i miss it

Me: haha phone tag

She calls me. Convo goes good, I'm picking her up at 7:30 tomorrow

So what do you guys think? Does she like me or not? I was thinking about using kino tomorrow. I mean teaching a girl to skate should have plenty of opportunities. However I would feel like a complete ass if I made a mood and she was expecting me trying to be her friend. What would you do?

11-2008-06, 08:10 PM
idk... from what i read you didnt come off as boring. you did things other guys wouldnt do which entertained her. u should probably have kino tested her the night you met her. but i think shes into you.

11-2008-06, 08:16 PM
When I left her dorm that night. I touched her shoulders on the way out. What do u think she would do if I grabbed her hands and waist to help her skate?

11-2008-06, 08:52 PM
I don't see a bunch of interest but you do have some since she's willing to go skating with you. Make sure to kino a lot when helping her skate. Hands and waist are fine.