View Full Version : Negging One Sets?

11-2008-06, 04:54 PM
Okay, from experience; you don't really need to neg one sets, right? And negs aren't needed in comfort, either?

It's just, I was playing phone game with this girl, tossed in a few playful negs, thinking that she was laughing along and that she knew I was just teasing, but she got really mad and hung up after a while. I managed to talk her back around over MSN, but still, I'd rather not have to apologise again.

So, no negs on 1 sets, unless opening a massively hot one at a bar?

11-2008-07, 01:27 AM
I never neg over text unless we are already quite acquianted and she has a sense of me. Things can just get misinterpreted and there is no tone or body language to support the neg so it can get lost in transalation as an insult.

11-2008-07, 06:14 AM
No no, not text, over the phone. She could hear my tone of voice etc.

11-2008-14, 05:42 PM
Neging should never be done in txt messaging, but it should always be done anywhere and everywhere to any set. When it doesn't work, it's not because of the technique, it is probably you. In that situation you will either come across as an arrogant asshole to her.

The one thing that I really got out of learning all these stuff is to “Take responsibilities for yourself.” Don’t make excuses or blame others for things that don’t happen the way you want it to be. If that stuff doesn’t work for one women, go try it on another 10 women and see their reaction. If it still doesn’t, look back, and say “what am I doing wrong, and how I can improve it.”

There is really is no cold rule of every situation. There is always something around it. What I mean by that is, just because a technique is designed for a group, it doesn’t mean it can work for 1 set. Vise versa, if a technique designed to work for 1 person, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for 4 sets.

11-2008-15, 06:03 AM
Cheers man, thats cool :)