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11-2008-04, 08:55 PM
At my school, there is a particular three set, and the Target (HB8.5) has two friends (one HB8, other, ...not so much). We've been roughly introduced, however, I wonder to myself, 'Is this a no go? Is there a way I can open these people up?'

Now, to start off, BNotSoMuch sort of hates me. I was hanging out with these girls (of whom have seen me with many another girl, who all are comfortable with mutual kino), so I know that preselection isn't an issue, and although we are still a bit cold, I have lead/handled conversations that they've been a part of. HB8.5 likes to look at me, while she is addressing the group, which to me means she thinks of me as the leader of the group, or she finds me attractive, or both, or there are perpetually artifacts on my face.

HB8 shows interest, like... on a 1 to 10, 1 = Negative, 2 = None and 10 being 'pays more than or equal to 80% attention to you', HB8.5 = 4 & HB8 = 3

BNotSoMuch = 1 !!!

While I was talking to the three of them (literally engaged in a conversation with HB8, somewhat ignoring the target, and accidentally ignoring shy BNotSoMuch). She got all annoyed and tried to attack me. I just said ...


BNotSoMuch: "I don't believe that's true. I don't even really care"
Me: "Wow, you're snarky... I like that!"
BNotSoMuch: "I don't know what that means, but I'm going to take it as an insult"

...so I'm gonna have to make her feel good about herself.

At this point, I've seen these girls about 2 days and there is virtually no kino.

Is there a way to befriend BNotSoMuch ?!? AND furthermore, is this set gone? How do I turn this acquaintance into game? An opener at this point would sound a little random wouldn't it, or can that be done? Should I just start in the middle of attraction?

Thanks guys

11-2008-04, 09:36 PM
b not so much prolly like you bro... Jealousy is the key of attraction... remember that and it might help you out... besides wat else is there to loose

11-2008-05, 02:47 PM
Yea, but that doesn't really do much to answer the question:

Is there a way to befriend BNotSoMuch ?!?

BNotSoMuch = HB3

Now she's pissy with me. How do I disarm that so I can go for the two hotter ones?

Try new sets?