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04-07-2006, 07:46 AM
Hi everyone,
ok so ive only been into this about4 months I think ive got some valid points for other ‘noobs’ around here, here goes.
First off when people said to me that when opening a set ‘it really doesn’t matter what you say’ I was a little bit dubious and so concentrated on memorizing what to say rather than how I said it. The results I got weren’t as positive as what I had hoped but kept working on it an it finally began to pay off, I looked back at what I was doing differently an I can honestly say, ‘ It doesn’t matter what you say, if you hit the right energy you’ll open 99.9% of the time’ I realized that the more lively an energetic I was the more people responded to me. (However I imagine if you start bouncing off the walls like Tigger this may have an adverse affect and would assume you were just a couple sandwiches sort of a picknik).
Also to improve quicker I decided to use the same techniques as I did when I learnt to ski. Its quite simple
Day 1; learn how to stand up and stop
Day 2; go down a black slope (that the worst ones if you dont have any proir knowledge of skiing)
Day 3; return to smaller slopes an wonder why on earth was I having trouble on day 1
It was the same with PU, simply start but approaching sets that are just chicks only, maximum of 3.
Then spent a week only approaching large, mixed sets until you’ve pretty much got the basics of it.
Now go back to a small set with only chicks an you’ll notice how much you’ve come on.
To improve quicker you simply have to spend more time out ur comfort zone.
Hope this was a bit of help to some people.
Without a sound!
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