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11-04-2008, 01:33 AM
Yes, this is a field report, but I really want to discuss technique, and tweak my game to perfection or figure out what other people would have said to incorporate their personal text game. (And please if you either feel like you don't sarge enough, or you don't have enough material, please don't be AFC and criticize) I did not kiss close her, I did not F close her, and I did not spend more than 23 minutes with her. Here's the story:

So I met this girl on thursday at a Starbucks the first day I met another fellow PUA in San Leandro. This set of two, was basically my set that would set a first impression and it was pretty successful. I playfully negged her a lot for wearing a black and white striped shirt/dress, and called her a Zebra. And when my wing came in to distract the obstacle, I kino’d a lot. I even kissed her on the cheek. I kind of regret not venue changing because I probably would’ve got the kiss close if I did, but hey! Who cares. This is our text game.

Friday morning (day after):

Me: You were soOoOo out of line last night. –Johnny

HB: Haha what’re you talking about

Me: Hey don’t flatter yourself. I’m still going to thee most “blow your face away” party tonight, and your gunna watch the devil’s nerdiness. Booyah! (She went to see a play at Berkeley and I went to a party which pretty much blew)

HB: Haha well at least I’ll benefit from what I’m doing. You might get drunk and sick, hook up with some girl you regret and wake up with a hang over and not know where you are. So if your face!

Me: Yeah that’s why you should totally go to the party! I mean I kinda know you, so it won’t be that bad. Just kinda bad.

HB: It hasn’t even been twenty four hours and you know me haha

Me: Well I’ve never made out with a zebra. And I never pass up an opportunity. (The day I met her she was wearing a black and white striped dress shirt)

HB: So you’ve made out with a giraffe, an elephant, and rhino?

Me: Well I’ve never met an attractive enough rhino. But seriously I’d like to make out with a zebra and what not, but you might embarrass me in front of my friends. (My friend told me to say this, he studies more, but I think it was stupid because she never replied back.)

Friday Night (Halloween still)

Me: Hey Happy Halloween!

HB: Aw thanks ;) was it fun

Me: You wanna hear the most romantic, not gay, thing ever?

HB: Lol what

Me: You ever go to a party with a shit load of people, but for some reason you can’t get your mind off one girl? ( I know this seems like a total DLV but I wanted to try it anyways and see where it would get me)

HB: Lol I don’t know I’m not gay

Me: I just realized that after I sent it. But hey what are you doing tomorrow? It’s my last day here before I head back to SF.

HB: Well Johnny sf isn’t far, it’s not like you’re going out of state

Monday night (12:41am):

HB: Happy 2008 election day! Obama!

Me: Ew your voting for Obama?

HB: Lol of course

Me: Ew c’mon, seriously?

HB: Yup, I don’t want to go into war with iran and support middle east and continue to fund a war with an empty cause. Night Johnny

Me: Jk kupkake! I actually campaigned for Obama. Hey I got 11 minutes before I hit the sack, give me a call, I need a super quick opinion.

HB: I don’t have enough service to keep a call going, it’ll just break up and I’m so glad you’re voting for obama- I’ll hopefully talk to you soon night.

Me: Y’know if your name wasn’t -----, I’d so kick you to the curb for being such a dork. But you have a cool ass name, so I’ll let you pass. Gnight Zebra!

11-04-2008, 06:39 AM
Pretty decent except I would have never used the "can't help but think about one girl" line.....

Anyway, it is good that she texted you out of the blue but could have been a mass text.

Oh, and better to have a definite day 2 vs. just saying "what do you have planned tomorrow" type thing.

11-05-2008, 02:11 PM
She replied the morning after and said:

Haha wow thanks. I'm glad my name is enough. . . not lol