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11-2008-03, 08:56 PM
I'm still a beginner and although I seem to get numbers easily, a lot of them turn out to be flakes. I did about 8 approaches today on campus during my free time between classes and came away with 3 numbers.

The first was a very short interaction and bad timing on my part, so I didn't have much time to build comfort. I got a good IOI when she interrupted me to ask my name, so I felt I could go for the number close, but not sure if it will go anywhere since I only talked to her for 3 minutes o so and didn't have time to build much connection.

The second was a girl reading in the park. She ended up being a very nice exchange student from Eastern Europe and we had a nice conversation and some kino with high fives here and there. After about 10 minutes though, she said she had to get back to reading because she had to finish the book for her class, and it looked like she was only half done. It didn't seem like a blowoff, so I went for the number, but it ended up being a little awkward because I had trouble understanding her accent when she was telling me her number. She did give her phone though and made sure that I had saved my number (as "sexy guy from school"), so I feel good about this one.

Third number close was a girl just sitting on a bench in the courtyard day dreaming. She said she was waiting for a friend, so I sat down and it went well. Threw in some palm reading and she liked it, so I built some comfort a little more then asked her for her number. She hesitated a little and said she had a boyfriend, but I fired right back with "Well, that doesn't mean you can't make new friends," and she programmed it in my phone, then asked me my name so she could program me in hers.

On the last one, I was proud of myself for the quick come-back to the boyfriend thing because I've run into that before and gotten stuck when a girl hits me with that. My only concern is does it set a bad frame? IE, a "just friends" frame? I'm getting better at plowing through certain kinds of resistance, but could use some tips in this area. I have heard Mystery's "Well, we'll be discreet," but thats a little more direct, so I'll have to use it next time I feel the situation warrants it.

Also, during the day I pass at least 20-30 hotties sitting around or walking by talking on cell phones. It seems like a lot of the younger girls talk on the phone ALL THE TIME, and I wouldn't want to wait around and look creepy or waste time waiting for an opening when I could find other girls. What, if any, ways are there to approach girls on phones?

11-2008-04, 08:53 PM
rock up to em like u own em, grab it from them, "yeah yeah she has to go now shell call you back", hang up, say: "hi, im _______"

idk dude haha

gj on the day game tho thanks for the fr

11-2008-05, 02:10 PM
Read Braddock's text messaging game:


I think I'm pretty decent on text messaging game, if you want here's my links.

Suri (http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/discussion/81694-texting-halloween-election-day.html)

Ani (http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/phone-text-game/81631-thee-most-craziest-text-game-ever.html)

Remember it's especially important to note how much text game parallels to the girl your talking to.

You can't just use one of my lines and hope it works on a totally different girl.