View Full Version : I'MMMM BACKKK..and I'm SORRY!!! Admin

Julius Pleaser
11-2008-03, 03:41 PM
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but I used to post alot of good shitznat on this forum...I used to be bad with girls and now im just too damn good... My gf is a 10 and I can pretty much get laid any time i want if i wasn't with her, to the point when I got out, i dont even look at girls or care about the outcome, and they hit on me!!...And because of this, I got too cocky and starting bashing the material and this website...Telling everyone "free yourselves of material" and arguing with the admin about various topics...Well I realized after catching an episode of The Pick Up Artist 2 the other day, that this shit is important and Some people really need material badly, while others do not (myself) and just because I have advanced to my Alphaness quickly, doesn't mean I have to start hating on the very thing I learned from... So I want to APOLOGIZE to the admin here and anyone I offended...

What I now have to offer is this...I have learned alot in the last year, to the point that I have become a club promoter in NYC and the director of public relations of my promotion company (ironic eh)...I can offer people here in the NYC area venues to "sarge" in...This also includes the Instructors if they need places to teach and set up bootcamps...we can arrange things together, and of course I will pull strings to makesure everyone is satisfied...

I may not have used the MM to the tea, since I was naturally creative and funny, but the philosphies and the structure behind these things changed my life DRAMATICALLY and I will NEVER discredit this again...I was never a natural and will never forget my roots, despite where I am today...I have pretty good advice so if anyone wants to talk to me let me know..and to instructors...I also would like you to consider meeting me and letting you judge me to see if i could be an instructor myself!

But for now, Instead of going around fucking everyone, I got a DIME PIECE GF, and let me tell u, when emotions kick in, its HARD to play by the game, but thats the life, regarldess I choose to be with this person, and she is the hottest thing ive seen in my life...So dont think that once u learn this stuff u need to go fuck everything that walk...BE SELECTIVE, and get what you want!!

So in conclusion...I am back and here to help people and I like for any instructors or admins to hit me up if they need anything from me that has to do with venues and nightlife...

Here are some pics of me and my girl from halloween, my costume is so gay lol..and some other pimp pics with some of my other girls i chill with.... I was a beta and now I'm an alpha, and if i can do it...ALL OF YOU CAN...BUT YOU MUST GO OUT THERE and TRY!!! EXPERIENCE AND FAILURES MAKE YOU BETTER...NOT TYPING ON A COMP...SO JUST DO IT!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!