View Full Version : Mixing in Ross Jeffries? - let her know she Shouldnt Do That or Not Let it Bother you

04-07-2006, 04:20 AM
Ross Jeffries' style still seems very unique and I like the results I see from when he uses it. But it's almost too unique for every pua to use. It works very well for that type of frame RJ comes from "older-dominant male." It adds a sense of seriousness. It says "Don't you dare flake on me or you're missing out." It reaches into her inner girl and makes her feel submissive towards the man and balls you put forth.
Now...what about mixing it with other styles?
Possible Negatives:
Besides looking very incongruent, mixing RJ's material with DDA or TD doesn't seem like it would match or work. You make the situation light and airy, then all of a sudden a seriousness comes by. I haven't tried it, but thinking about it, this would either have the girl respect you more, take you more seriously(maybe even more sexually dominant?), or it could make you seem too serious, like what she did was truly offensive towards you and she got the best of your emotions.
Most pu styles revolve around keeping a light fun playful attitude, especially when it comes to her little tests. But what about constant tests of the same kind. She just keeps trying and trying to get you and test you with the same material, seeing that she's a woman and doesn't really have game, and she justs wants to know what knid of man you truly are. Do you think mixing RJ is a good idea to handle this determined test?
Example question:
For example, one girl I know with a bf keeps texting me when she knows I prefer to communicate over the phone (she does this everytime we get really close and feels like she has to show resistance to prove she's not a slut or w/e.) She knows I dont like this. So what Im going to do to up the value/status, while somewhat dissipating attraction for a while, is ignore her IMs and phone calls for a while. Then when she calls back (they always do.) Talk to her, chat her up, storytime, some game routine, up attraction and then end the phone call with something a bit more dominant instead of so playful to get the message across like "..Don't ever. Text message me again..." Then wait til it hits her and end with "Ok?...Alright Bye ;)" in a lighter tone. (common sense: i dont really mean 'ever again', but when you can call why not)
Now for that example, is that being too serious or is it what you need to up that respect/value/status and let her realize she cant keep using that same toy test on you?