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04-07-2006, 03:41 AM
i've noticed this works extremely well, like magic, with very little effort..
as some may have mentioned before- do the odd that's slightly attractive. it pulls some kind of signal in her mind that she likes what you're doing, yet she can't completely say "OMG THATS SO F'in SEXY." It makes her think "wow what is it about this guy that I like?"
Two things I have tried that worked well:
1. preparing your own food
2. trying the "too-calm" body language (not the alphamale "very comfortable" way of moving)
1. Preparing Your Own Food - i didn't understand why this was working so well. me and a friend (an afc amog friend of mine if you will) went to stop by the caffeteria with two girls we knew. i was kinna laidback and was known for being quiet from what these girls had seen, I didn't care at that time period to talk to them or game them.
i get a hamburger. i get a packet of salt and a packet of pepper. i very nonchalantly tear open each pack, tapping each packet with my finger and get a bit of each substance on the burger. lets take the salt for example, i tapped my index finger to sprinkle a little salt and stared at my open bun (as if to think "hmm does it need more or is this fine") I tap alil more in, look at it like Goldie locks thinking "aha it's juuuust right." DO NOT LOOK AT THEM TO SEE IF THEY NOTICE, theyll notice on their own. I didnt really talk to anyone as I did this, face very serious though by the way they stopped eating to look at what I was doing, it was hard to maintain that dead pan humor style. Some giggles here and there, stare at me, stare back at the food. I do the same thing with the pepper packet. get a few comments like "What are you doing?" Then it's time for the ketchup. Get a glob on my knife and very neatly and lightly spread some on (i didn't try to make any sexual innuendo or slow it down even, I just gave off that impression that I like more burger this way, Im _picky_ about it.)
Then to finish it off, I get a napkin and spread some ketchup across it (as opposed to getting a plastic dip container and filling it with ketchup) so that I have a wider array of ketchup to get more of it on my fries. I of course have to cut the burger in half. All the meanwhile getting suprised comments here and there, not having to even reply with a single sentence. I begin eating it like it's normal and what I did wasn't any thing...... WARNING: CRACK CRACK CRACK!
Out of no where, I have the one girl saying "ur sooo weird" in a flirty way and somehow the other is talking about how I like my buns and how she'd like for me to spread some ketchup on her buns (in a playful joking way...haha right.) all of a sudden that second girl is trying to qualify herself to me and gain rapport. Im like "whoah how did this happen?" They spread acouple of flirty, "thats so weird" "your crayyzzy" comments and my huge afc amog friend is even trying to defend me saying "cmon dont make fun of him" clueless to whats going on.
my favorite part was the second girl's reaction and her trying to qualify herself to me in the conversations ("you like nice girls?...but im nice!") she's only a HB8 at best, but whats the big deal that i personally liked? Prior to this event, everyone on the floor including me, thought of this girl as Asexual. When we found out she broke up with her bf a couple months prior to this, we all thought "Wait??? She had a bf?" She's so goofy how can anyone get to be her bf and see that side of her? Many parties ago, the guys from the floor had made repeated attempts to get with her, getting nothing. I didnt understand why, they had great inner game, better than mine, all of them were taller and better looking than me, and they werent supplicating to her one bit. It just felt great to break her out of that shell that's usually only reserved for who-knows-what-kinna-guys is her usual preferred type. Weird but it works.
[Side note: Maybe a week after I saw an RJ Email in my inbox saying "Do the Weird it works!" I barely even read the emails I get from his newsletter but I just smiled and laughed to that, true that Ross Jeffries.
2. trying the "Too-Calm" Body Language - nope not that alphamale body language where you try to say Im not afraid to take up space and look badass. This type of body language (I have a couple) is very very relaxed. Of course you take up a lot of space, lounging about. It's more of that "artistic guy who's in his own little world, mixed with a little bit of ..i dunno laidback vampire?"
go youtube the guy "Gackt" and watch some of his interview videos. one of my favorite lady's man GQ celebrities (cmon everyone uses that Brad Pitt shtick, that's played out.) I guess in Japan, in general, ppl have a different body language. In most cases for the guys its that leaned in, super nice, submissive looking body language...fashioned by most regular guys and side-character actors in Japan. Gackt's body language is I guess the Japanese man's version of alpha male or "laidback"? I'm not Japanese but this still works for me.
You basically act like you're refined rich shit, as if inspecting your surroundings with your eyes (not the girl you creepy stalker), very slowly, not cracking a smile unless there's a bit of flirting. Don't mind the rich-shit part it's just for the feeling (I was wearing a friggin cowboy hat in winter when pulling this off at a coffee lounge.) The first time I used it, it created a sexual attraction in a woman who took me as not being serious (I would laugh a lot and smile too much when delivering c+f lines, just didn't seem like the mature man she probably wanted.)
But having coffee with this one "friend-friend" I got it to work...pretty well... Anyways some basic background about the girl [resistant type, had a bf at the time, doesnt flirt, shelled up good girl, blahblah.] Upon using this kind of body language, she noticed immediately that I was acting "different." It was the first time we ever did something alone and yeah maybe it wasn't congruent, but I don't think there should be a strict rule about congruency and I also doubt that she didn't like it. Basically I took this shy good girl FRIEND, enlightened her to the fact that I could be serious and hey why not sexual.
I've got to say that was one of my worst, outer game days besides my body language, yet we ended creating our own dance inside of the cafe (the cashier lady who passed by to go to the bathroom thought we were doing something a lil haha more than friends), she ended up putting away her resistance and bought me another coffee (ooh special i know), and at the end of the night we somehow ended up rolling on the ground and i was tickling her on the hood of her car in a certain way (see: raunchy porn) but clothes on of course. So yeah, no kiss close like all you guys wanna think you have to do to prove something big, but given the circumstances and relation, I dont think it was that bad. First time we've done anything alone, first date if you will.
The way I acted was very "I dont care, pshh Im bored, sigh." This chilled, unenthusiastic, yet attractive body language allowed me to spring her up when I got out of my seat and wanted to make up a dance with her. If you look at Gackt, the way he acts, and mimic it, it's Weird but it works.
This body language does make you look alpha-male as a little extra and is very noticable from what other guys do. I can elaborate on this type of body langauge and my other styles later.

04-16-2006, 02:21 PM
Your right, being an alpha male is many times just being different. If a group you are in is all alpha males the thing that will set you apart from them is being different. If you analyze mystery he can go into a room full of guys that are alphas, even people with sometimes better game than himself and can own the room. Mystery can do that because as his name implies he is mysterious and he is different.

04-16-2006, 03:55 PM
I like where you're going with this...
Lately I've begun to take more notice of these subtle things that can have such a strong impact. One thing I do pretty often that gets a huge response is to examine odd little things, like I'm trying to figure it out, or appreciate the intricacy of it: A painting on the wall, the pattern in the table, etc.
The possibilities are limitless. Have fun with it! And thanks for the new ideas Cadmus!