View Full Version : Two Sticking Points I want help with

11-2008-02, 07:05 AM
alright so I've noticed that when Im in a relationship that I lose a sense of dominance. I geuss because of a misinterpretation of Mystery where he said "the game ends in relationship" or something to that effect. I still act cocky funny but I end up calling her sweety and sweetheart (i kno I kno) last night we went to the movies and when the lights went out not only did I become more dirty to her ( something abt the lighting =p) and something snapped that said "this is your house" so I became more dominant I put my hands wherever I pleased with no reaction. and etc but still had a few sprinkles of afcness.

also I've noticed that if im with a shy or negative girl I tend to dig to find something to work off of and I get the feeling im trying to hard unintentionally.

11-2008-03, 12:01 PM
no sweet names until she's been your girl for 2 forevers or you're married...otherwise I'd call her "my little fella" or stinky muffins....nothing that says your starting to feel serious emotions for her, even if you are. You have to hide that crap man.

I like to play aloof and cool and always confuse them so they never know how I might feel about them. I try to treat em like a guy friend, like one of my boys with occasions of accidental affection. ;) and I like to call that stuff "torture" so that they think that how I feel about all that mushy stuff is just horrid torturous nonsense to me when secretly I'm into it.....always play like you can't stand em, but you'll keep em around a little longer in hopes that they may improve somehow miraculously in your eyes.......once a challenged girl "knows" you really like her, the challenge is gone and so is she dude.....

11-2008-04, 01:14 PM
If I may...

I think it all depends on what ur goals are and how the girl is as well, if she's more of a tough chick, calling her sweetheart won't do you any good, but if she's a down to earth chick, really sweet and stuff like that, calling her "Babe" or sth around that won't do you any harm either.

And is not that the game ends once you are in a relationship, you still gotta keep it exciting and keep her on her toes every now and then (again, depending on your goals for that relationship), be spontaneous, but once you are in a relationship you are more free to be yourself, otherwise the relationship will fail at one point or another... of being yourself sucks... then I'd suggest you work on improving some things and "be your best self" and playing games while you are in a Relationship (if your plan is to have this girl as your GF or having a LTR with her) will not help you sometimes either.