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10-2008-29, 09:21 PM
Because of the numerous requests to add a few more example DHV stories or explain in detail how the Mona Lisa gambit can be used for attraction, I am adding this clarification post;-)

Here is the original post: http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/attraction/65350-mnxs-creating-dhv-spiked-convo-attraction-switching-gambits.html (I tried to just leave it as a reply, but since the thread was too old, it wouldn’t let me;-(

Briefly though, the point of the post was to show how to make something interesting and ATTRACTIVE to a girl.

Stated slightly differently:
This post shows how to make ANYTHING ATTRACTIVE to a girl.

Not bad. We were able to take a 1200 word article from the Associated Press (off of the web) and TRANSFORM it into an interesting short story to attract women.

Step 1: Find something that interests you. (THIS is how you let your personality shine through-pick ANYTHING that grabs your attention, something that YOU think is cool/interesting. Once again, back in the day, I would find cool stuff in magazines. Now, I can use the internet. Other examples where to find something: TV shows, movies, real life adventures, memories, etc)

MNX Ex: The inspiration of the Mona Lisa

Step 2: Condense it (summarize).

MNX EX: A married woman was the inspiration of the Mona Lisa

Next, I ADDED a PLOT/TWIST to transform it into something romantic/ adventurous/ mysterious/ cool/ etc…this means:

Step 3: Give it a REASON to exist (basically just turning a statement into an interesting anecdote;-).

MNX EX: A married woman was the inspiration of the Mona Lisa. Leonardo Da Vinci loved her very much and didn’t want her to get into trouble so he hid the true meaning from everyone.

Now is this exactly true? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s what makes a story/memory YOUR story/memory and this is how you are able to reveal YOUR personality. It’s how YOU VIEW IT/REMEMBER IT that makes the story interesting. You remember when you first jumped off the diving board as a kid? It was like 3 stories high! It really wasn’t though, but LITTLE things (careful not to over exaggerate!) like that make the story personalized to YOUR WORLD VIEW. (That’s how your personality-i.e. vulnerability, mysterious, coolness, sense of humor, ambition, etc- shines through)

Now we just add reasons to bring this up. Obviously, the more the better (as we can drop in this story of cool IN MORE SOCIAL INTERACTIONS if we have MORE “tags” like a search engine;-).

Step 4. Find both the direct and indirect “tags” (In other words, the threads).


5 Direct:
(German scientists discovered this)
2. Art/Mona Lisa
(What the gambit is about)
3. Leonardo da Vinci
(A player in our play;-)
4. Italy
(It’s known by a certain name in Italian)
5. Paris/France
(Where the painting is found)

Some Indirect Examples:
1. Her background, German/Italian/French (or she asks me my background- I'm Latin-Italian with a lil bit of German)
2. She's an artist or a free spirit
3. Romance
4. Travelling
5. TV shows-Ninja turtles (i.e. Leonardo), Movies-the Da Vinci Code

These are all “tags”/threads that allow us to drop in our story of cool.

Step 5. Incorporate the threads and add DHVs (rewrite the story to maximize its effect on attracting a woman;-).

A girlfriend of mine told me how German experts just found out who the inspiration of the Mona Lisa was. Come to find out it was this married woman that Leonardo Da Vinci was crushing on. He hid the true meaning from everyone because he loved her and didn't want to her get a bad name. It's actually known as the "happy married woman" in Italian. I probably shouldn't have told you this, I'm kind of a hopeless romantic. Stuff like this interests me. Forget I said anything.

So now I can “naturally” drop in our story of cool whenever one of our direct or indirect threads come up in convo (or when I lead it in that direction;-).

Sep 6. Improvise (make tweaks when necessary on the fly).

HB: I was born in Russia.
MNX: No way. A girlfriend of mine’s Russian. That makes you either really cool…or a total weirdo!
HB: I’m really cool.
MNX: Well I hope so. Actually my friend, she was telling me, how Russian experts…blah, blah, blah

And there you have it;-)

Finally on a side note, the attraction switches being directly hit here are:
Preselection & conveying emotion

It is up to your body language (popo/stance/kino escalation—slight touching!/etc) and storytelling ability (tone/vocal projection/eyes/etc) to hit other attraction switches of a high value male (confidence, ambition, passion, identity---just being “cool”, etc). This, unfortunately, is easier understood out in the field than in a post.

However, I will try to explain some of this here;-)
PS (This is NOT everyone’s style; there’s more than one way to pimp a chick;-)


We were talking the other day about women’s social intelligence/intuition and we laughed about how (through trial and errorlogically applying what we learn from our mistakes and success) WE have HIGHER intuition/intelligence than about 98% of the women we meet. It didn’t matter if she was an HB9 or HB9.5 (Hate rating girls but still I don’t give 10s until I get to know them better;-) Here are just a couple of things you’ll notice.

A woman can have HSE (High Self Esteem) but have LSI (Low Social Intelligence)
i.e. party girls

A girl with LSI and HSE may not understand/care about social norms/practices/hierarchy, thus resulting in LSI, but have high esteem in the fact that she DOESN’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK.

On the flip side, a girl can have LSE (Low Self Esteem) but HSE (High Social Intelligence) as well.
i.e. “good” girls

A girl like this will LISTEN/PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHAT HER FRIENDS SAY/THINK, thus resulting in her higher knowledge of accepted social behaviors/norms, and yet has Low Esteem in the fact that SHE JUDGES HERSELF ON HER EXTERIOR SOCIAL HIERARCHY (i.e. basing her success/happiness on who’s she’s dating, her career, or wanting her friends to be envious of her, etc)

This is starting to turn into another long ass post so I will post the rest of the dissection of LSI/MSI(Medium Social Intelligence)/HSI/HSE/LSE/MSE/etc another time.

So to finish my earlier thread;-)

Your first impression to a woman comes from her ASSUMPTIONS about you. THIS is what is called her “Social Intuition”. Fortunately for us, this INTUITION (her assumption) can be manipulated and molded. YOU are the one with the POWER to mold her impression of you into something ATTRACTIVE.

Personally, I assume Higher Value and display my HSI while coming in at a slightly lower tone (Eventually I’ll unleash this badass thing I discovered, but for now, Gambler can attest to its power;-) and after hooking the set (please read Gambler’s post to learn more on how we approach http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/opening-transitioning/81201-approaching-tone-levels.html) and introducing my bro, (I’ll be posting some wingman intros soon) we have gained SO MUCH VALUE that I drop a story of cool (like the Mona Lisa gambit) to demonstrate that I have a WEAK/SOFT side. In essence, I am OVERQUALIFIED for the HB (no matter HOW AMAZING SHE IS, thus my HSI comes in full effect when I need to deal with her sht testing/ challenging me) so I drop some story insinuating that I have an emotional side (little hints of passion showing that I’m human and cannot control my emotions, like a helpless little boy who doesn’t know any better;-) and now I am able to get into deeper rapport THROUGH attraction.

Obviously there is a lot more to this than what I’ve posted here, but check out Gambler’s post to get a better understanding of attracting women.

Keep Kickn Ass Gentlemen,

Have faith in yourself, and others will too

(A couple of other posts yall might find of interest;-)

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Very, very, very nicely written.