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10-2008-29, 12:22 PM
Ok heres the deal:
I started college a couple months ago in another city. a girl(we wil call her Hb:exgf) that i was involved with back at home goes to school here too.

we weren't together when school started. but we got back together for a few weeks.to make a long story short we broke up. for the second time. but this time i called off the relationship.

i don't think i have one-itis...but i just don't feel like gaming girls here on campus. i dread approaching girls in the cafeteria..but i don't have any problem opening moving sets. i am not even going for it with chicks that are giving me iois. i live on campus and its only a community college probably between 3500-3600 students

my thing is i want to have sex with girls and not have to see them again if i don't want to. i'm not looking for a long term relationship..and i don't want any girls here thinking that that's what i want right now.alot of hot girls live in my dorm building..but after i fuck them i don't want anything to do with them..so are these not good targets or what ?..what are your o

i just don't feel very confident about gaming girls on campus..i'm just getting back into the game..and to tell the truth i only had a couple of kiss closes and a few hand fulls of # closes

i've read posts about being in a social group that has high value..that is the key in college..but i usually just chill with my friends who might not be considered so high value..

also i'm unemployed..is that a big factor..no cell phone to give chicks my number..no car..it makes me feel low value..

any feedback is appreciated

10-2008-29, 03:04 PM
Just lay it out how you want it.
Put it on the table, and she'll either take it or leave it.

Lets say you want a physical relationship that's hush hush, with no strings attached. You'd game as normal, but before the relationship mode sets in you'd tell her what you want in the relationship. Set the frame and make what you want clear.

Couple other things:
Is there a particular reason why you don't have a job?
And you had better not say 'I'm just too busy' or 'I can't find one'.

No cellphone and no car are both some pretty heavy dLv's.
Cellphone would be the first thing I recommend you get.

Also, on social value:
Why not be with the high status guys?
Being social should never be a chore for you.

More to come if I can think of it.

More has come!

Things I suggest you do:
-Update your wardrobe. I assume that by having no car, cellphone, and job that your wardrobe isn't stellar either.
-Get a cellphone.
-At least get a friend who's car you can borrow. Offer to pay for gas / carwash etc. Getting a car for yourself is best.

10-2008-29, 03:33 PM
first of all dont think of your friends as low value. there your friends if you enjoy hanging with them then thats fine. game is the last thing you should worry about. inner game. lifestyle, outer game. worry about fixing your life. get a job, get a car, a cell phone works too. work on your inner game. who gives a fuck if girls think sex is all you want. just be honest about what you want with girls. who cares if they think your a man hoe. at the very least they know that your preselected haha. if your attracted to a girl go for it. those thoughts that are negetaive are all limiting beliefs. at the same time you want to build a lifestyle not for girls but for yourself. then game the fuck out of those gals

10-2008-29, 05:57 PM
that makes sense..both rip and spitthatg thanks..good advice.
i agree..i need to get my life in order first like you said..
i don't think my friends are low value..maybe afcish is the word..
i'm pretty damn close to an afc myself at the moment but they shit on my game sometimes without even knowing/doing it intentionally

i know guys considered high value around campus..but i don't "hang out" with them..
they don't do the stuff i like to do..thats why i hang out with the friends i have. is hanging out with those high value guys just a part of the game.. ?

my whole deal is i don't want to spend less time with my friends, to hang out with people i don't necessarily want to be around just to get pussy..maybe i just need to custom fit my game..i enjoy solo gaming..i searched for "college" before i posted. somewhere i saw someone post that college game is different...i think that it is indeed. but maybe i am just making excuses for my failure..i would like to hear from someone who has had field experience on a small college campus

11-2008-07, 09:31 AM
Man I know exactly how u feel.
I think there are a lot of ppl in this forum concerned about the exact same thing.

I hope uve read TrueStory's post on college

Also I found helpful this other post:

In these posts u will find a lot bunch of good advices