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10-2008-29, 11:53 AM
Hey guys, I am a hunter saftey instructor, I was wondering how to make it into a Leader of men attraction stroy, and Ideas would be great. I have some pretty crazy expeirienes with it


The Therapist
10-2008-29, 12:26 PM
Unless your at a western bar and there's a few chicks wearing camo man..... I just don't see it working for you much.

You might can come up with a cool DHV story about something funny that happened during a class or something.

10-2008-29, 01:19 PM
you're a hunter instructor.

Dude. Guns! Boys and Guns!

Something funny happened from a class or a story from a fellow hunter is a good idea.

10-2008-29, 01:32 PM
Bring up fun things you could do. Like going camping at this great place you know. (If you have all the set up, tent, equipment and such.)

Which girl wouldn't want to go camping by a great waterfall for a couple of nights?

10-2008-30, 11:48 AM
edit: Delete me. Accidental post.