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10-2008-29, 11:36 AM
Hey guys this is a protector story, let me know if you see something that needs to be changed. Also any ways to make it relavent/ how to transition into it smoothly

I was comming out of Track practice, and I see this guy smacking this kid I know. I got mad because this guy was pushing him around. I set my duffle bag down, and told the guy to kock it off. the guy spins around, a looks at me, I get this felling in my gut, ya know, that feeling that you get when you know someones going to be stupid? This guy walks up and grabs at me. So i had grabbed this idots arm and cranked it, I walked him away and told him to get lost. Any ideas on how to end it?,


10-2008-29, 11:46 AM
someone posted an almost identical story to this like a month or so ago. id search it