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10-2008-29, 10:14 AM
Hey all. This is my first post but I have been practicing the game for a couple weeks now and I figured it was time to start contributing to the great ideas I have gotten from this site and all the people. I have a real love for Day Game so I wanted to throw this tip in that I have been using. Keep in mind it can be used in basically any setting I just have found it best suited for Day Game. Much like the title explains it's basically a mixture of 4 kep components of the game in one move, here it is:

Generally I save this for when the target looks like she may be leaving or has gotten side-tracked by another friend, cell phone, etc. I almost always have a shopping bag on me when gaming so when she does threaten to leave you say "Hold this a sec" and hand her the bag (don't ask sort of demand it). We all know the reasons we do this is to lock the target in. Now that she is holding something of yours she feels compelled to stay (Lock) and if she does have to go away momentarily you know she is comming back because she has your things (trust). But what I like to do during the hand-off is to intentially drop the bag and make it look like her fault (it takes practice to make it look 100% smooth but it's not hard). When she drops it you say "Geez are you/is she (depends if 1-set or not) always so clumsy?.. this girl (maybe give a sideways thumb point and roll eyes, I generally turn slightly away from here too if she is with a friend and continue our own conversation). This was your neg and it is pretty effective. Now pay attention to what happens next, you are looking for her to pick-up the bag, if she does it means two things happened.. 1) You just DHV spiked b/c you are suggesting that it is hers, not your job, to pick-up YOUR things 2)I find it is also a way to gauge compliance and to see how well you are doing because if she does pick it up you know you have at least gained enough rapport with the group that she feels it was be socially unwise to leave your (the current leader) things on the ground.

One thing about this, I have never not had them pick it up (3/3 so far) so I am not really sure what my course of action would be with this. I assume I would ignore it at first and not pick it up until the set broke as I don't want to be seen as the one picking it up.

The reason I like this routine so much for Day Game is because those who practice Day Game know that frequently time is an issue and you are trying to number close pretty quick. This quick routine provides a lot of information and does a lot to speed up your game and thus it makes for a pretty decent move to practice into your game. Any comments and questions are welcome. Take care and happy hunting.


10-2008-30, 03:08 PM
Very good tip. Lock-in props can be very effective.

Excellent post