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10-2008-29, 02:39 AM
Can someone give me advice how to behave when your ex sends you happy birthday message one day earlier (one day before your birthday)...

We were together for 9months (celebrated my last birthday together), now we are not together for a 5-6 months. Any way, she sent me a happy birthday message but on wrong day. We have mutual friends so I'm seeing her once a week maybe. How should I behave? Like it's not a big deal?

P.S. I should mention that it hurt me that she forgot about my birthday...

Shark Bait
10-2008-29, 11:27 AM
i'm getting the feeling that you are overthinking the situation. we don't really need to know your history with her for this. this is an extremely simple interaction that shouldn't need to be disected or given explicit directions. just live in the moment.

thank her for the greeting. if you are gonna bring up the fact that it's on the wrong day, be playful about it. if this was on facebook, myspace, text, or whatever.[since thats what it sounds like]...then you don't even really need to respond.

The Therapist
10-2008-29, 12:16 PM
It's your EX does it really matter?

10-2008-29, 12:27 PM
Myspace and Facebook tell you when your friends' birthdays are coming up in advance. She told you happy birthday early so she wouldn't forget. Say thank you and move on.