View Full Version : Learning GAME to become a (hopefully)PUA while having a gf in a LTR?

10-2008-28, 10:59 PM
Long story short, I have a gf, 3 and a half years with her. The way I got it was like I was a super "natural" style, I did all the things a master PUA would have done without realizing it to get her, I did so good that SHE was the one that pursued a relationship with me, maybe it was because when I was gaming her I had a gf of 4 years that I didn't cared about so I had that "fuck it" attitude with girls.

So, fast forward to today, things are not going good in the relationship, and I've been reading PU material for the past year and a half, just in case we break up or she cheats on me like my last gf. But I don't go out "in the field" trying to PU girls cause I see that as "cheating" and I wouldnt want my gf doing that to me.

So, can I get "tight" game while having a gf? Should I use textbook game to tease girls or flirt with them and when they ask about the subject say "oh yeah I have a gf"

Is it even possible to get good while having a LT gf?

10-2008-30, 12:24 AM
I loved the replies...

10-2008-30, 12:39 AM
Continue to game as normal, but do not do stuff you would consider "cheating".

For example, I'm with my girlfriend of 2 and 1/2 years. I still go out, talk to girls, wing my buddies, etc. However, I never kino escalate with those women, because I view that as cheating. There is nothing wrong with talking though. There is nothing wrong with having a good time, correct?

Even in a relationship, the PU principles still apply. Attract, qualify, comfort, seduce, repeat.

The three things you must always still have in a relationship:
1. Seduction. You better be damn good in bed. And not just good in bed, you better know how to be romantic at times, and downright nasty at times. If you aren't, guess what, she'll find it somewhere else.
2. Comfort. Your women must always feel an emotional attachment with you. If she doesn't, she'll find it somewhere else.
3. Attraction. Keep your value high, do fun stuff, talk to other chicks, and always keep your buying temperature up. Do cultural stuff with her, tease her, banter. If you don't, she will lose attraction, and find another guy.

10-2008-30, 08:05 AM
Basically, if you are thinking about trying to improve game, because you think your Gf might cheat on you, or in case you split up signifies to me, that you should just end it now in any case.

the afore mentioned means that you probably do not trust her, and the second one suggests that either you or her are not willing to work at it.

Break it up, and go out and have a good time.

Game.. in the sense of going out and picking up girls without cheating is impossible, as the very idea of a pick up is to close in some sense.

If you want to 'Game' in order to inporve yourself... ie. get better in social environments, become a more enjoyable person to be around, increase your social network - absolutely gaming is not a problem.

My view is, do not cheat, do the honourable thing and dump her for the right reasons. Do not get dumped becuase you cheated on her...

Of course that is my own moral standing... :)

10-2008-30, 08:17 AM
as the fat kid said to the cake, "im gonna eat you"

you can learn by reading... but you internalize by practicing

10-2008-30, 12:42 PM
I am personally in that current situation. One thing to be aware of is that you will have more and more high value women interested in you. That can make your girlfriend insecure or step up and just become ridiculously awesome, not to mention learning to be more seductive does not hurt your relationship.

I have become extremely secure as a result of practicing and studying the Venusian Arts. You always have options, and she recognizes this. Which can either drive her insane if she is DLV or increase your value significantly causing her to treat you like a king.

The Venusian arts are simply part of being a man, of course you should practice in a relationship. Remember though becoming a PUA is part of a web of self development, honestly I hate the pick up artist acronym. It is about becoming a true functioning human male, in touch with both sexuality and self.

The Venusian arts are just as much about self perfection as sex. More then anything you need to examine what you value while studying the Venusian arts as they are a tool for satisfaction but may be used in a self destructive manner that does not bring contentment.

The point is that this is all about being happy and satisfied with life, sex is a big part of that so make sure your head is on straight.