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10-2008-28, 05:15 PM
hey guys

First Im going to have to explain the situation, apologies if it ends up being long...Also apologies if this is best suited in the field reports sec.

So I #closed this hot irish girl bout a month ago. Chased her with phone game until eventually met up again, Kiss-closed. Tho didnt hav the opportunity to f-close.
Soon after find out she has a bf living in london. She told him bout our kiss, and apparently feels terrible about it, so tries to give me cold shoulder for awhile. I persist, leveraging on fact she has my jacket still and trying not to appear like im too desperate for her.

Time passes, finally arrange a night out but during a pre night drinking session at my flat I get into heated argument with female flatmates. So dont end up going to meet Irish girl (find out later on that earlier that day she had broken up with her bf - fulwell knowing we were gonna meet up that evening?!!).my bad

Then last night was ina club, text her to come by. She ditched all her friends and came by herself to come see me (definate IOI). We took it back to mine (bare in mind my flatmates were there also, plus another girl). I try keep her attention on just me, but the two girls end up hitting it off like they're best mates and i struggle to keep attention. Also shud mention she loves playing games with me (ie will bombard other peeps with attention in front of my face, yet when i casually move to a different area she will soon follow; will acknowledge my friends b4 me, etc).

After much time I get bored, tired and the booze starts to wear off. So i politely excuse myself and go to bed. When I wake up next day she is sleeping on floor of my room - must have let herself in, but didnt get into my bed?? when both awake I convince her to join me in bed, but she opts to lie head-to-toe?? (COULD be she paranoid of herself after a)sleeping on floor b)sleeping in clothes c)not brushing her teeth etc)

We talk for hours just lying on my bed, she also tells me how she's still unsure about her feelings for ex bf...Hence why I dont bother trying any kino or arousal building. Plus im hungover. She leaves after just a hug.


okay so im well confused. Does she like me? Doesnt she like me? have i accidentally gone into the friendship zone? The other girl that was there secretly told me Irish chic had said she's really into me...so why doesn't she give me any opportunity for any alone time (ie always bringing others into our private convo's/talking on end with gf's)?

any advice guys?

10-2008-28, 06:16 PM
Oh yeah, just been reading stealths thread 'I finally got herrrrr' made me think; I arranged to go into the city with her before she left. She says "text me later bout when ur gonna go".

turns out the shop closed early so I text her saying;
Yojax -
"hey u dirty stopout *from our convo bout her sleeping on my floor*. feeling better? turns out fancy dress in town is shutting in 15 so im gona go2 cowley road wig shop. ur welcome if u feel the need 2 get a new toupee tho i like ur blonde one as it is...lol. enjoyed hanging out with u,wud b kwl 2 do it again sumtime x luv ur '2nd best' *also from previous convo with her*"

Thing is she never txt back. So im paranoid I overdid the negs and shudnt have put in the "enjoyed hanging out with u..." bit.

10-2008-29, 02:18 AM
well, you took the road to LJBF... if you don't maneuver 180, you are doomed. forget her. she either seems a lot of trouble or you initially attracted her so much that she ditched her bf who was anyway nothing for her anymore that she came to you but you stalled and didn't escalated and so her feelings for you slowly transformed into LJBF... and if you don't get your balls back and take charge and just don't give a fuck, you'll lose.

Go out and get other girls.

11-2008-02, 09:51 AM
well, you took the road to LJBF... if you don't maneuver 180, you are doomed.

ok, so after the incident I didnt get in touch with her for near on a week, then decided to play my last pitch. Using the new 007 film as my excuse, "yo blondie u fancy seeing the new bond film 2nite?"
turns out it was fully booked, so instead got her over my place for a movie and sum wine. Very very bad movie choice unfortunately (requiem for a dream) but thankfully she appreciated the cinematic value! - for those of u who've seen it ull understand my fault!

A couple of hours, 1 bottle of wine, dimed lights, relaxing music and lots of flirtation later Ive got her naked on my bed. Ace.

Spanish Prisoner, thanks. The 180 worked. now I feel free to move on to some more lovely ladies - she is totally not girlfriend material -

11-2008-03, 01:45 AM
yeah! great job man! you got your balls back and just boldly made your moves. didn't matter what she thinks, as long as you do it.

and I agree, Requiem For a Dream is a bit of heavy material for such a date. :D

11-2008-05, 07:26 PM
Why the hell do guys chase girls? Come on most girls with boyfriends are loyal anyways and if you would have made her feeling all strong emotions(read magic bullets if you don't know what I'm talking about) then she would have slept with you and afterwards said ' it just happened'. Why work for a girl who's got a boyfriend and wants to sleep head to toe when you wouldn't have this problem with a single girl or if you would be getting tons of numbers. Screw her and find the next hot chick.

Don't get me wrong, I've slept with girls who had boyfriends but they never used him as an excuse to have her fun.