View Full Version : Passive or Agressive escilation?

10-2008-26, 10:23 PM
A big question of mine is how to move through the M3 model. I would figure that things would happen passively, without much effort if she were attracted enough. Is this statement true? Or to move from A3 to C1 you have to say "come here" or grab her hand and move elsewhere then turn off the C&F.

It was just my understanding that things would happen over time passively.

10-2008-26, 11:44 PM
it would be so nice if at least one person could give an answer without me having to bump this thread 100 times.

10-2008-27, 12:00 AM
You are putting way too much stock in "moving from A3 to C1". Don't think so much, you are just putting unneeded stress on yourself. Kino escalation is neither passive or agressive. Think of it as gradual. Kino should begin the moment you meet a woman and gradually escalate throughout your interaction.

I hope that answers what you are looking for. Remember, there are many ways to escalate kino, and if you want some more specifics, let me know.

10-2008-27, 12:24 AM
I just never really understood the concept of finishing qualification and then moving into comfort building. As a general rule of thumb I try to get 3 things I like about the women to qualify her on.

But once in comfort you're supposed to stop being so cocky and funny and get more personal? I still don't really understand.

10-2008-27, 07:05 AM
In the book, Mystery himself says that the boundaries between steps aren't really boundaries, aren't really steps; they just function as a pretty good guide. Around about that time, if she's IOI'd me, I'd warm to her slightly (touch her on the arm, say) but still be standoffish, still make her laugh, look like I'm getting quite comfortable with her, and then do a dual DHV qualifier, even though Mystery would say I'm in C1.

Yeah, not precisely textbook, but hey. The point of the textbook is not to restrict you on the exact details.