View Full Version : i need some help....

10-26-2008, 10:11 PM
i went to a bar last night. I seen 2 girls sitting by themslves. So i approached (lil' did i know they were sisters, you really couldn't see the resemblance). I asked them "If you were a flavor of bubble gum, what would you be?", they started chatting it up. So the opening went well, my friend came over and started talkin to the older sister (She was the only one really drinking, her younger sister was the DD). My friend was hittin it off with the older sister, so i go for the younger sister. We were talking about the general stuff but i was running into a problem carrying on the convo. Plus the way she was answering made it seem she really wasn't that interested. So that in-turn made me nervous and i couldn't close. So i figured she had barriers up.

What should i have done in that situation to chop those barriers down?