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10-26-2008, 11:10 AM
The other night, I believe I came across a technique for a k-close and thought I might as the forum what they though.

My friend was having her friend stay over for the weekend. Lets call them Mary (my friend) and Jane (her friend). Mary lives on my floor in my college dormitory and we've hooked up sporadically over the last couple weeks. When Jane arrived this weekend, both Mary and Jane came to my room and started teasing me by biting my arm, sucking on my fingers, and rubbing different parts of my body while we were sitting on my bed. I found out that they enjoy teasing guys, and i didn't expect to get anywhere until they allowed me to grab on Janes boobs while i made out with Mary. Anyhow, we went to dinner later that night and I was on my A game, and I knew I was building attraction in both of them throughout the night. After we came back to my room, we watched some shows on my laptop and they fell asleep on me while this other guy was in the room watching the shows with us. I told him they were probably going to spend the night, so he left for his room.

After repositioning ourselves for the night and going back to sleep (we were pretty tired), Mary fell back to sleep and Jane was still awake. Jane was scratching the back of my head and I looked down at her to get her to look back up. I said to her "lets play a staring contest...but instead of not being able to blink, you just can't break eye contact." After maybe 2 minutes, she jumped me and k-close for the win. I didn't even have to move in.

The question is whether this seems like an applicable k-close for future girls, or if this seemed a little situational (and set up...they were sorta all over my nuts). Also, I would probably move in for the kiss myself the next time around as a modification of the technique. All and any thoughts are appreciated!

10-26-2008, 05:10 PM
Sounds like a pretty decent night to me, and I definately agree that staring a girl dead in the eyes is a great way to k-close, when you are staring into a girls eyes she is staring right back into yours, you can see it in her eyes whether or not she wants to be kissed, easily. I have never suggested a staring contest it just happens sometimes. I like that technique and will try it as I feel like it would be very successful, however only if enough attraction had been built, which cleary had in your case when she was rubbing the back of your neck trying to get you attention while you were laying there. Ill be sure to put this one into practice.

Basically Yes
10-26-2008, 11:16 PM
It may be a good way to initiate a kiss, but at this point the girl probably wanted to kiss and have sex so anything would work; you could have sange "comin' round the mountain" and she would have kissed you.