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Johnny b
10-2008-26, 09:45 AM
Hey guys,

my issue is about the inner game. I posted it here, cos I want advanced people to answer.

The last weeks I worked on my inner game, especially the beliefsystem, which is to me the most important thing.

I go out and have fun. I enjoy myself, approach girls, making fun of them, Im c. +f., they giggle, hug me, touch me or I touch them.
One example: I approached 3 danish blond hotties (8,8,9). I teased them a lot. They hugged me and yelled at me with that passion:" I hate you", the game was so on. SO I was thinking to get laid that night or makeout or have a foursome (:-)). Then suddenly I didnt know what to do. The flow was gone....should I ask for the number, should I leave them for some minutes,.... So I told them a story, but they got turned off and speaked only danisch withthemselves. I thought I leave them and show them, that Im fun and outgoing (DHV). So i talked with other guys...boom after 10 m they left the place without even looking at me.
I mean of course I saw the success..they huged me and fondled a lot my stomach, I had fun, but on my way home I hated myself, cos nothing happened. That effected me quiet hard, cos Im really interested in sexual experiences.
ANd I think I should have gone for the number very early and leave the place, cos they told me they wanted to go out the next day...but in that moment I didnt.
Or another time, she (9) was turned on, we got interrupted, and then I went for the number and she flaked.
I was afraid of losing that posibility and wasting the energy and time I spent in her!!

How do you handle that danger of loosing your power, because u want to have success???

Johnny b
10-2008-28, 02:49 PM
Does anybody know what I mean??
Its my biggest issue....the energyflow!

10-2008-28, 03:01 PM
Do those girls know that you like them?


Looks like you are just running attraction material... and nothing else. Move along the emotional progression model.

Johnny b
10-2008-29, 06:11 AM
Thx miaddict! Good to hear another perspective. I normally send IOIs through my body. I touch them a lot and must smile at them, especially if they show attraction or do something unique.
I should also go for more words in the right tone! Good link!

Im not sure, if I explained my issue right. What I do or say is quite unimpotant, important is how I say things. But the more I think about the outcome with a girl or in general of the night, the flow is gone away. On the other hand, if Im focused on having fun, somehow I dont succeed. I mean I have to approach, go for the number, call her, set up the date....The more I think about that, the more insecure I become. I suddenly feel the pressure and do not successfully transite. How do I keep on playing the game while not loosing the energyflow?

10-2008-29, 08:34 PM
if you are having fun for the time being to release stress.. then is ok to loosen up. But still in your unconscious mind you still must have the game plan in your mind. maddict was right that you fail on staying in attraction phase for too long... instead of moving on to the comfort phase