View Full Version : Meeting chicks while volunteering

10-26-2008, 12:30 AM
A friend of mine wants me to help him do some volunteer work (with schools, parks, etc.) at first I said no, but then I thought it might be an opportunity to game some chicks, these are volunteer events where there are at least 10 people who participate. Has anyone ever had any success doing volunteer work?

10-26-2008, 04:27 AM
at any official event with eligible men and women there your commonality when meeting your target goes up.

At some events your value while meeting people goes up. This is one of those some. (volunteering is cool)

but considering you have to do stuff this is never any better than going down to your local busy sidewalk and walking your dog or whatever you do... right? considering this, going is just an excuse to get out to approach because you don't feel good enough doing so in the first place.

i'll bet you feel me.

Anyway. the reason most people have great success at events is because they genuinely like attending them, and this enjoyment combined with the above commonality and value are a formula for success that easily counters and supersed the obvious difficulty of going to an event over going to a public place.

Other things to mention:

If there are a fuck load of hot women there, then this can easily replace your ability to enjoy yourself into superseding the difficulty of getting there in the above comparison. Ehem, for god's sake if there are some cool things that will have more hot women than you can count then you need to be there, no excuses.

Good luck.