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10-2008-25, 01:54 PM
Has anyone ever gone out with a guy who after you open just dominates the set... Like talks his arse off and you can't get a word in edge ways. The girls end up being into him and it's hard to recapture the attention of the group...

What if this guy is a mate? I guess you could try to be louder and dominate back but it would probably look try hard on my behalf and i don't even know i could do it... Perhaps it may be easier to just open another set?

Also when you have nobody to go out with on nights you really want to head out do you guys head out on your own? It's become an issue cause i want to go out like everynight but obviously i don't always have a wing...


10-2008-27, 01:42 PM
You raised some interesting questions.

If one of your friends is stealing your sets, you need to talk to him about it. Instead of competing against him, work with him. Having a wing is really valuable. Have a chat with him about working together.

To answer the last question, YES. Going out on your own is not a bad thing at all. I have had some of my greatest nights out alone. Nothing beats a great night out with the guys, but going out alone is a really good tool. Chances are, your friends are an excuse to do nothing. Instead of opening that set, or the next one, you hang by your friends and just look from afar. Sound familiar? It probably does, and going out alone is a great fix to that situation.