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10-2008-22, 07:14 AM
Before you read on, I have one small suggestion, just be yourself, and if she likes you great, if not there is no point in trying to be someone else just to be liked. It's absurd to even think about giving or getting suggestions about how to be liked or loved. I have read the other posts and I agree with lots of them, but then again, girls will be girls, and even if you tick all the boxes it might still not be enough. I recommend watching Chris Rock on youtube about love and relationships, hilarious but true.
PS: wikipedia rocks!
It's all about looks, who they hang out with, and personality.
We look for guys who are cute, funny, good looking, smart and can make us laugh and feel good about ourselves.
Confidence is the most important key, that you have respect for yourself! You can be dumb, ugly, living with your mom, broke or a simply a complete jerk. but this perhaps is about 80%-95% of what all women look for. everything else is just bonus points
The ability to take care of themselves. Usually this where money comes to play, but really if he looks like he take care of himself they will think that he has the ability to take care of them.
A certain physical attraction. He doesn't have to be Johnny Depp. Everyone is attracted to different things but the usually they all cue in a single feature they find unique and sexy. You really don't have to much control over this, so just take care of yourself and be confident in everything you do.
Confidence, money, and your good looks, your style and body language. It will be easy to pick up girls if you fit in any of those 3 types, but if you are a wacky guy to hang out with, then you are probably dumped, well except for the gold diggers. Girls are irresistable towards me because I just have this face no girl can resist.
I'm not the best looking kid in my classroom, and neither the fittest one, I'm a bit on the shy side, but the girl which everyone pretty much considered the prettiest and "hottest," once said she'd like to go out with me, since she liked me the most.
With an exception to a very few good posts, the others are enough to scare any guy off! Yup, I'm a woman and very proud of it! Each woman is so different that it's hard to define this question. There are the gold diggers, smuts, cheaters, sneaks, and the nice girls that you don't have to sweat bullets over!
The perfect man to me has to be attractive. I define attractive as a man who could have sparkling blue eyes and a great jovial nature, but not a #10. He doesn't have to have the perfect body or the perfect face. I am an independent woman, so if I like him, I really don't care what my friends think as far as his looks. A man that surprises you with even one flower just to say, "I love you." Someone that can make me laugh and laughs with me. Someone that isn't being something they aren't to impress me. I like good down home, honest, "what you see is what you get" type of men. A man that is interesting to talk too, yet realizes I'm bright and have topics I like to talk about and he's interested in what I have to say. A man that is loyal, no game playing and I do like a man that is on the shy side. I find men that are too confident too blasted smooth. I am the type of woman that is extremely out-going and if the guy is shy or having a rough time I make it as easy as possible for him to feel comfortable.
It's difficult to say what women want in a man, because just like men are all different, so are women. Even personality-wise, some personality characteristics may be attractive to one woman, but irritating to another. Just focus on being yourself, and you'll find a woman who is attracted to you, not just some general, pseudo-you version of yourself that you've concocted to attract female carbon-based units.
Girls always say and hint to the opposite of what they really want. If we say something and are laughing, we probably mean the opposite. Unless of course we are truly disgusted, and are not smiling at all. That is a huge stop sign. We don't want to say it, but we really do want you to hold us and tell us what you want from us. We definitely want you to make the first move. If you're on a date, and she's laughing most of the time, move closer. If she doesn't back off away from you, try touching her knee. Then move your hand to the thigh, and hold. If you're not getting a negative reaction, its a very good sign. She'll probably be talking (because even when we get what we want, we still get nervous. so we talk.). Listen to her. That way you can leave a comment on what she has to say! Make good eye contact with her. Try moving your head closer to hers, and when there's a break in the conversation, move in for the kiss.
Nothing is better than a guy who is honest and confident in the way that he speaks. A guy with confidence can take even the dumbest pick up line and make it funny, but if you're nervous and you approach a girl with a pick up line, you might just come off as unoriginal, or a geek. For instance, normally I don't like guys who touch me if I don't know them that well, but if a guy is smooth about it, there's something intriguing about it. If he's shaking or looks really timid, then its very creepy, and a major turn off. Smiling is the key. Even if you're dead serious, say everything you have to say in a playful way. That's the way to flirt and girls love a flirt.
Respect, a good listener, someone who shows up on time and a few shared interests. Good hygiene is also a bonus. The occasional box of chocolates also goes down well.
Beyond variances of physical attraction look for friendliness, confidence but not arrogance, shared interests, even temper, a good attitude towards life in general, places concern and interest in family and friends, steadiness in their career and finances, and treats people as they would like to be treated by others. A person can have a good appearance or attractive charm but have an ugly character and it takes time to get to know who an individual truly is.
Most girls want a guy who is at least somewhat attractive. Not that plain-looking guys never get dates, but it is true that girls are usually more interested in good-looking guys. I do my best to look past the outer appearance and see the guy for who he really is. Girls like guys to be caring and sensitive (not overly so -- more like, you know when to quit doing something we don't like, or you can pick up on how we're feeling, which is easier said than done). Strength (physical and mental/emotional), confidence (but not arrogance -- huge egos are the biggest turn offs for us!), and just a desire to be around us. Never push us or make us compromise about where we'll go physically. We will see you as jerks and get out ASAP.
Different girls have different tastes. Don't be shy. If a guy likes someone, he should definitely flirt. Be playful. Being flirty is fun, but being flirty with everyone will probably scare a girl away because that may cause problems in the future. Just limit yourself to flirting with the girl you really like and don't be shy about asking a girl out. No risks means no results. Asking her out will show her you have courage and you aren't afraid of showing your feelings. Girls want someone that will always be there for them, so listen to them, give opinions, help them out through hard times. They want to feel beautiful. They want a guy that will always think she is beautiful, even all sweaty in her PE clothes.
It is nice to have things in common, but having things not in common isn't bad either. It gives you a chance to see different points of view and learn new things.
Having good looks will definitely catch a girl's eye quicker, but that's not necessarily a good thing. You want a girl to love who you really are, not a girl that is only in love with your looks.
Being funny is a good thing because everyone loves to have a laugh. Being serious is a good thing, too. So what I mean is a balance of everything is good. No one has a perfect balance, so that's okay. Just look at your best qualities and see how you can use them.
Take showers, wear cologne and eat gum/mints. Simple to do and very effective.
I like a guy who makes me feel really special. Always be romantic in the relationship no matter how long you have going out. Show her that you care. Always listen to her when she has problems. Never be judgmental. Go out of your way to make yourself look nice. Try to plan special things that you can do together. If you are really interested in her don't flirt or look at other girls. This could make her think that you do not like her and she will find someone else. Consider her feelings and try to take things slow never move too fast. Last but not least be yourself. This is what makes a girl like you in the first place. You should never try to change to get a girl to like you.
I live in the United States, and I have noticed something very interesting about girl's tastes through extensive hours of observation and experience. Most of them (especially the snooty ones who frequent trendy clubs) like guys who have dark hair and have at least an olive complexion. (The darker the better, since white apparently seems to be a sign of a person being unhealthy...or at least ugly anyway. I guess darker skin is more camera friendly and it is obvious everyone wants to be in pictures or movies). A blond guy might have a chance as long as his skin is not too pasty white. If you are a blond guy and are pale white you are almost surely doomed unless you get a good suntan or you use Just For Men in your hair too bring yourself "up-to-par" with a normal average guy. Girls also seem to like the guys who have all the right things to say and at the right time. (I presume this a learned behavior from the obsession of television and major motion pictures.) They want a guy who will be the best entertainer and the best looking one at that. Also, women, in general, like guys who dance. So if you don't dance, you drastically narrow down your chances of picking up on a woman. It makes you wonder what would happen in humans evolved having no eyeballs. I'm sure a lot of things would change and at least the superficiality of looks will be eliminated.
When guys make me laugh. When guys are gentle and romantic. Good looking guys who aren't jerks. Guys who smoke and/or do drugs turn me off as do guys who are full of themselves or really bad chat up lines unless they can make a joke out of it.
Girls look for guys to be compassionate, caring, understanding, hard working, personable, with a great smile, a good listener, and most of all a great lover.
Tall, dark, and handsome, but I sometimes swing to blond. They have to be funny and I like confidence, but not someone that is always showing off or arrogant. They have to know how to make us feel good, like actually talk to us and ask loads of questions about us. Also, a six pack is nice!
Looks count very much! It's the first thing girls look at (at least me and my girlfriends). We wouldn't just go out with any attractive guy, he can't be a jerk or self centered (which most attractive guys are). He does, however, need to have a sense of humor, just someone you can hang with and have a good time with. He does have to have a hot body too! This is just what my girlfriends and I like. If you don't exactly fit this description it's fine. Out there somewhere there's a girl that likes your personality. Just be yourself and eventually someone will like you for who you are. Never, ever pretend to be someone you're not even if it's to impress a girl, in the end she will find out that you lied to her and that would have gotten you nowhere.
Good looks are like a job resume. Presentation is everything and it gets you in the door. After that, just like at a job, what's lacking can kill and negate good looks.
It's nice when a guy looks good but what's nicer is when he has a heart, wanting to do the right thing for his girl, never wanting to disappoint her, always sharing his world even when its cloudy, wanting to know what she likes and what she thinks about things and actually taking her advice when it fits the occasion, giving a hug and a smile without her having to ask for one.
What I look for in a guy is someone that is nice, sweet and a non cheater. I think every girl will agree with me on this one hopefully. It helps that he has money and a car, dresses goth or punk, doesn't do drugs, and doesn't care what their girl looks like.
It all depends on the individual girl. Sense of humor and a good smile! All women love it when a man smiles (doesn't matter if his teeth are crooked or not! Well, this is my opinion, Sweet. Confidence in themselves (but not to where the guy is and/or appears conceited!), cares and respects the other and themselves, romantic, straightforward, honest, truthful, being themselves (not acting like someone else), Not the play type, faithful, trustworthy and for me a 'Child at Heart' (but, yet knows and takes on the responsibilities of an adult!) and most of all, has a great personality!
We want someone that is sweet. The kind that brings you flowers for no reason or leaves you a rose in your locker or desk. We really love surprises! We want someone who is caring and kind. If we're sick, we want them to stand by our side, and someone who cares about others and isn't selfish.
Power and status, or at least the illusion of it. If you look at nature, all of the best women of the species mate with the alpha male - the strongest, biggest one, etc. We haven't come that far out of the jungle, so this could translate into human interactions as confidence (not arrogance) by the male, high status in society or at least in his social circles, and other signs of power and status. Intelligence, sense of humor, kindness, etc., and factor in but a girl is initially attracted to their sense of a guy's power and status. "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac."
Most girls like a guy who can make her feel protected when she's with them. The way he stands next to her, the way he wraps his arms around her-you feel like nothing in the world can harm you. A guy who is very dependable: you call and it's like he's just been waiting for your call. Sensitive to your needs but not a wimp or a crier. He has a secured job who makes a decent amount of money. Example: He makes enough that if you had to stop working for a while he can support the both of you (even just temporarily)... never having to struggle. Educated, and thoughtful. Try to stay away from being mean, arrogant, loud and rude which are major turnoffs. Unlike men, women prefer a neat, decent romantic man. Looks are nice but not as important.
Most girls like a guy that doesn't have a huge ego and loves himself. We also like a funny guy who will pay attention to us. I, for one, don't like guys that ask a lot of questions about life (i.e., "What do you think about trust?" or "what do you think about promises?" and "Why do you think we live?").
Those pick-up lines you see a lot in joke books should only be tried if you are going steady and want to humor her. If you walk up drunk to a girl in a bar, and say, "Are those space pants, because yours is out of this world," she's going to run out.
Girls will never say outright, in plain English, what she wants in a man. But believe it or not, it is a man that she wants. Let's take the classic one, "I want a man to be protective." Well, to some guys, this can mean being attentive to all her so called needs! This does not mean sending her flowers every day, phoning her all the time, squeezing the life's blood out of her hand whenever you are together. No, it means showing attention to her real needs! That means, taking the lead in everything you do together, being assertive in the process. Understanding that girls can whine about the most stupid things, (she will expect you to be able to differentiate). Ignore the whines, even ridicule them, but as men, we know what the real concerns in life are, so do women by the way, but they want to make sure you do to. Listen to the key things that interest her (music, food, books, holidays, etc.). What does this Broad wax lyrical about? Now, use that information to take this girl on a journey of you're making, but interspersed with her interests, don't overdo it. She will know what you're doing, but done liberally, she will adore you for it. Right, now, classic number two desire, "I want a good conversationalist." This does not mean telling her all about the miserable things that have happened to you in your life. get a counsellor! Sorry about that, but come on guys, why would she want to hear all that stuff? She wants fun. She also doesn't want you to be ramming opinions down her throat either. After all do you like it when someone does this? What's the best conversations that you can remember in your life? Generally they are ones that involved laughter, attentiveness and camaraderie. Some of the best conversations I've had were with guys I met in a bar and clicked with. These same social skills apply to women. I could go on, but I won't... Just one last thing mind. Guys please remember, its OK to date more than one girl at once. Just don't forget to tell them.
My friend and I like it when a guy talks to us first! Take some control of the relationship. And it's nice to hear compliments. Smart, cute, nice smile (so brush your teeth) deodorant, nice taste in style, no crust around the lips or eyes! Necessities: Carmex, lotion, nice hair, respect, understanding! Good listener. EXCEPTIONS: Money, Gucci and Prada, Bling-blang, you don't have to be rich! Be yourself and give love and attention. Be fun, talkative and interesting.
Don't worry about the way you look too much. The guys that I've fallen for have definitely not been Ashton Kutcher's, but if you gave me a choice between an absolute hunk and the guy I like now, I'd absolutely go for the latter. Moreover, I've noticed that when a man describes a woman they tend to go for a body description first whereas a woman tends to describe the face. The reason for this, in terms of how I see things, is that I, personally, don't care much about what a guy's body is like as long as there is something there for me to hold onto when I want a hug, so don't worry about that either.
Please, please, if you like a girl, tell her or make it quite obvious, because if a girl thinks you might like her but doesn't know for sure she will obsess over it and over analyze everything you do or say. Listen to what we have to say; don't always try to undermine us. Be yourself but don't be too over the top, i.e.: "you're so beautiful" every two-seconds because that is so off putting. Act cool, but let them know you're thinking about them. You know, the odd text message just to say, "Hi, I missed talking to you". Oh, and be prepared to give lots of hugs!
Girls have absolutely no idea how hard it is for a guy to approach a girl no matter what the circumstances are! It is very hard to be confident when you are nervous and you girls have no idea what kind of power you have over guys. If some guy asks you out (and you don't want to go out with him) tell him 'nicely!' Girls can break a guy's heart in so many different ways it would take a week to read it! Guys notice everything girls do when they ask them out so one negative 'sign' or word and a guy is crushed (even though our egos prevent us from showing it!)
Face it, my brothers, girls always go for the best looking guys that they can get. And that is fine with me. I just wish that someone would have told me that five years ago. For a while, I was having this illusion that girls wanted a guys with a good personality (being nice to them, funny, confident, good listener, etc...) My experiences and observations have proved that that is far from being true. All the girls that broke up with me all said I am a gentleman and wish me well. I always open doors, paying for dates/dinners. I brought flowers and chocolates. I don't smoke, don't drink, don't swear and treat everyone with respect. My friends, my teachers, and almost everyone I came in contact with often tell me that I have a good sense of humor. I am not shy, I can strike up a conversation with anyone at any place. I got a degree in computer science, and am getting my masters in business. I am a chess champion national and state wide (I don't tell the girls I date about this since I don't want to be arrogant). I don't have six packs but I can skate, swim and play hockey up until 1 in the morning. I have confident in myself and in everything I do. So with all that said, why did I get dumped? It's simple: I did not have the look! I am physically fit, but only 5'8 tall. My face is plain as white paper and I did not spend much time on my hair. I did not spend much time shopping for clothes/shoes either. Since the last time I got dumped I have it figured out. I pay more attention to my hair cut. I consult with my friends before I go shopping and sometimes, even take them with me. I start to wear different cologne for different days and occasion. Whitening my teeth and keep them as clean as possible and boys, what a difference it makes! Girls now strike up a conversation with me first (yep, I could not believe it). Not just any girls, I am talking about the 8s, 9s, and 10s who probably would walk by the "old" me without realizing I was there. Again, I don't want to sound arrogant, but I am dating 3 different girls right now (I am kind of tired, so I may cut it down to two). Deep down inside, I am still me with the same personality, but the new appearance has given me a chance to show it. Call me shallow or whatever you want, but looks is the most important thing to girls. No matter how good an item is, you cannot sell it without a good packaging.
If I showed you some of the guys I've fallen for...well, LOL, they don't exactly match my "perfect guy". Just be yourself and don't make them feel too special. Hold it back a bit because we kind of like a challenge and it feels more special if we get a compliment only once in a while instead of every five seconds.
I totally agree with holding it back a bit and cut back on the compliments! Too much of that just make the guy seem too desperate or annoying. About the looks, when I said, "Girls go for the best looking guy they can find.", I did not mean the guy has to look like James Bond. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am below average in the look department, but by paying more attention to my looks, I am able to look my best. I know there are girls out there that could not care less about looks, but they are a rare species! I am seeing a girl like that right now.
There really is no right or wrong answer. You should ask that question to the girl you're interested in.
I have pretty much figured out the top things women look for. I've been in different relationships and studied others and seen what makes them tick. Here is what girls want (And I mean sweet ones who make womankind shine for how beautiful they are, not self-centered ones.) Looks: The guy has to be unique; somebody who stands out. He doesn't have to be able to lift 500 pounds or have a smile so bright it blinds people, but they want a guy who cares enough about his appearance to make him stick out. So in with the jeans, casual pants and out with the sports clothes and gangster angle. To women looking like a gangster and are hiding several guns in your shirt is a huge turn off. So guys if you are like me with a common appearance to many others than change it! See every possible angle you can take your hair, I know most guys dread this, but bite the bullet and shop; not just walk in, pick something out, and leave. Stay at the store for an hour or so trying on complete sets of clothing combinations and see what works. (Trust me it will be worth the effort at the party the next night.) Oh and I know I am going to break a few hearts here but if you have glasses lose them! Get contacts or get more stylish glasses at least for parties. Contacts are expensive but if you only use them to the party and then you ask a girl out and she says yes and you show up the next day with glasses and they shoot you down then it is their loss for being so shallow. They will never find a guy who can make them feel good just ones who make them look good. So chin up! Just look the best you can and upgrade every characteristic to show you take care of your appearance. But the following looks are bad. Any clothes from 'that 70s show' and anything that looks like a jersey. Confidence: Don't approach her acting like you are scared she is going to hit you. If you are shaky grab a small drink (it doesn't have to be alcohol) just one that makes you feel a little better when you drink it. (For me it's Pepsi) Then weigh out all the options. I am no professor, and I still get nervous whenever I go to ask the odd girl out, but what you have to do is just sit there and weigh out all the options: What is the worst that could happen? She says no? Then what have I really lost? Now I just go looking for the next opportunity, easy as that. For all you nervous guys out there not acting wimpy or nerdy and wounded as you walk away if she says no. Just say something sweet like 'Well it was nice meeting you and I hope you have a great time.' That shows that you are not so prideful and that you are genuine and that makes you look confident afterwards and remember what it's all about ... confidence. So go looking for that next girl. You might even see her again when she comes looking for you, but do not shag! Don't just talk about yourself. Women hate men who talk too much. Men love women who like nothing more than to talk to them and ask their opinion. They just don't like it when all that talk is criticism. Positive Attitude: You have got to be a fun loving guy. Would you really want to be with somebody who is down all the time. Don't be high maintenance. Even if she asks, 'So what is new with you,' Stop and think first. If all that is new is bad or boring say, "Well it's been tough but it will get better." Then ask about her. Sense of humor: This means smile, joke, flirt and be able to laugh at yourself. If you expect to be able to joke and sometimes at her expense then you'd better not be so prideful when she takes a cute little shot back. A PLAN: Girls don't want to get attached to a guy who has no basic plan in life. Even if it's 'I dropped out of school but I'm working hard and saving my money?' That shows a huge deal of humility and responsibility. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Act better more polite and more fun, but with all of your principles must stay the same. Deep down you still have to be yourself.
A guy with great confidence and someone that makes you laugh. In terms of appearance, I personally don't feel looks is a major thing, well not for me anyway.
A genuine lover. Someone who is genuinely interested in them and who will be kind caring interesting to be around.
Guys with nice hair. A good laugh. Someone who is not too cocky and is nice too.
I'm a full-grown attractive woman that has nicely tip-toed around the block several times and have dated many men. For those of you that think money is the answer trouble comes to those with it just as much as those without it. I do agree with some of the males especially the one that made a good point of girls having control over men and also not making it easy for a guy to ask a girl out he is correct even though there is a small percentage of young women that don't make it hard on the guy. My advice for this is "plow through the garbage and you'll come up with that diamond!" Sorry to say men, but you created your own monster, and it's back-fired in your faces. Men always wanted attractive women, so women work hard at trying to be attractive. When was the last time one of you looked at a cute to plain woman, or a slightly heavier woman? Men are just as at fault for these things and you don't make it all that easy for some of those less that perfect #10 gals out there. Women hurt just as much as men when rejected. Most men look in all the wrong places for good women. One poster said it in a nut shell "snobby girls in night clubs" and my answer, 'Then why go there? It's a place of booze, drugs, and you aren't really going to see the real person in this environment.' What about that cute girl in one of your classes or at a party that you hardly noticed? Give it a shot and you may find there is a lot more to love than looks! Size of a penis has nothing to do with it for most of us. A good sense of humor, the feeling of being loved, loyalty, honesty, fun to be with, able to communicate and realize that indeed a woman does have a brain, so both should be on the same intellectual level if possible. Once men realize that women are not put on this earth for their sole enjoyment the better attitude you will have and the more success you will have in a relationship. It's all about respect! I will admit that what I have seen out there with some younger women is enough to make a young man go bald, and a woman's g-string flip up to her forehead. I am, in most cases thoroughly disgusted with these young so-called mature young woman leading the line in what women are all about. It appears that in some groups of young women they go out of their way to be as repulsive as they can (misunderstanding that is not independence, but plain disgusting) with their bad language, the way they treat other women, men, and more importantly the low self esteem they have for themselves. These are not girls nice guys bring home to mother. I've seen young women bare their breasts for no apparent reason than the fact they can and do it and is a game, and not taken seriously and hopping from bed-to-bed with a quick "squeak between the sheets" is like playing a pinball machine and seeing if you may hit it lucky. Not once have these so-called girls ever thought of the sexually transmitted diseases out there such as AIDS, HIV, Hep C, Herpes. Life is but a thrill for these types of so-called young ladies, and it will come to an end. For most, their life is sealed because they lose their looks early, leave such a trail of battered bodies behind them that trust is no longer a part of them as a person and, as I always say, 'The head of the snake will turn around and bite you on the butt' which simply means, what you sow you shall reap. Not much! So guys, stand up and fly right. Stop going to cheap clubs (doesn't matter how many bouncing lights, glitter and free drugs there are) or hanging out at bars and start looking for those gals that are shy, perhaps quiet, or fun-loving, cute, a little more meat on their bones and realize that is what life is really about. Time to put the toys away if you really want to get into real life and a real good relationship. Think of it, what right does ANY woman have to use and abuse a man and vice-versa? None! If you treat a woman right 9 chances out of 10 (providing you are looking in all the right places) you'll find that girl you're looking for. Meanwhile, forget some of the garbage about money, large penis' and good looks. Doesn't compute and never did!
What I look for in a guy would be how funny and nice he is.
Each girl has different tastes! Some girls go for looks, some go for personality. Personally I'll go for personality. Specifically, how nice they are, how they treat others, and someone who will not turn their back on me. If you really want to know what your girl go's for you'll have to ask her or maybe her friends will have some idea too.
I like a guy who makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the room, he's interested in what I do, he has an inner confidence, he sort of has to have a little bad boy streak but still be caring, and would look after me. He should make me feel good about myself but also have his own interests and passions and goals. He should be able to hold an intelligent conversation, be open minded and funny. He doesn't need to be classically good looking but he most definitely needs appeal, like I can't resist him and he can't resist.
I'm a guy, and I guess I kind of care about what girls want or else I wouldn't be here...but in my opinion some of these girls that I see around have gotten some attention and exposure because they are selling something that we're buying and that's materialism and ignorance. If guys control themselves and show a little integrity and dignity these girls would not have any saying in this. We absolutely make girls the way they are we let our low self-control take over our thoughts and personality and by doing that we're indirectly telling them that you can sell your body and since we're weak we will buy it which gives them incentive to do it again. I had to go through a couple of relationships to realize that and at 22 I read girls like the back of my hand and no I'm not a jerk...I just really miss the genuine, classy, cute confident girl not the try hard who puts down others to bring herself up. I would never date a girl who thinks that she should get into a relationship with a guy so that all her dreams can come true like one of these posts; a girl that can't stand on her own two feet and is declaring what she wants from a guy needs a reality check and I'm not gonna be the one to do that, life will give her the right reality check. The only reason why I'm writing this is because there should be a topic about what guys want in girls and I'm sure I'm talking on behalf of the majority of the guys when I say we are not getting at all what we want in girls; why all the attention? How do you expect to get what you want from a guy if you can't even write a normal sentence and your opinion can be viewed from a mile away as ignorant, and useless? So go fix yourselves and then have blind optimism! This excludes the classy, beautiful women who are reading this .... you know who you are!
I am a 24 year old confident good looking guy who has a good heart and a good personality. I read over all the postings and I think some of it is great advice for guys. I don't have much trouble carrying on a good conversation with women of any age. My problem is that I have been rejected many times and don't really fully understand why, I can't help but wonder if there is something wrong with me that I don't know about. Most of the situations I've felt rejected in the girl sporadically changes how she talks/acts around me and immediately finds another guy and gets into a relationship with him. It always sends me for a loop because I felt an obvious connection between us, which others (friends) had even commented on. I figured I would post this problem on here because I find it hard to accept that, if personality, humor, and looks all play a big part in what girls look for in guys because they always seem to run away from me and leave me scratching my head like a monkey.
TO THE POSTER ABOVE ... You have done nothing wrong, you're just looking in all the wrong places. Here are some tips from an older gal (with many young female friends so I know what they think of guys): Nice and polite is a wonderful trait, but don't over do it. Silence is golden! Sometimes it's better to be on the quiet side at certain times and let 'chatty Cathy' ramble on. The reason for this is you can by what she talks about if she is vein, not confidence in herself or back stabs her friends. Run! Dare to be mysterious! This means not telling all about yourself. Give her bits and pieces about yourself until you know the relationship is going somewhere. Don't contact her constantly. Go out on a date and if she seems to have enjoyed herself and you have to, then tell her you will call her up for another date. You can wait a week or so before doing so. If you ask a girl out and are rejected (we've all had to experience that once or twice in our life) then smile and say 'Well it's been nice.' Walk away and walk tall! After all, who is this person? Just a young woman and there are more fish in the sea. Realize in your mind and heart that sometimes it appears that you may not be having much luck with women, but there are two things going on here: #1 Some girl is admiring you from afar and you probably don't even realize it and #2 we all go down some long roads for a reason ... to find that special someone. Don't change what you expect in a girl as long as you give those same good traits back to her. She's out there, so hang on for the ride of your life.
Why do boys say "why are you wearing so much make-up?" and I'm just like well "why are you wearing so much deodorant and hair gel?" A girl wears make-up not just for boys, but to feel good about themselves and its a girlie fun thing when friends are around, and I think boys shouldn't be trying to come out with witty offensive comments all the time as it's just showing how much of a jerk he is. Not all girls want Jordon sized boobs I have biggish breasts for my age, but I really wish I had smaller breasts and boys always judge girls about everything, when we do something e.g: have giggle fits or compare breast sizes boys always think it is to impress them, but when I have giggle fits and compare breast sizes it's because its having a laugh with friends and boys shouldn't take things so seriously. I think good looks are important in a guy; who wants to do it with someone ugly any way. The only way an ugly(or OK) boy can also impress a girl is if they are a good friend and have a funny or good personality, but this is only my point of view because all women are so different!
Well, that's a broad and controversial question. They've made college courses regarding the psychology of women. However, i'm not going to pretend like I'm going to have any experience whatsoever, cause I don't. I'm only in the 9th grade. However, please don't take this lightly, took me a while to think of it. But It would first have to depend on the girl you like. Is she the type who looks at the guy's appearance first, or looks at his personality first? Personally, you'd be very lucky to have someone look at your personality. (just an opinion) Almost all of the posts above are true actually, even though it took me a while to read all of them. Doesn't those posts that talks about you being a kind, compassionate, caring person, will get you the girl of your dreams; makes your stomach all warm and fuzzy? Don't those posts that talk about the cruelty of this world, the reality that looks count, make you feel that everybody is shallow? Well listen up, i'm only going to say it once, and one time only, Love is not a formula, and life just goes on and the world keeps spinning round and round. Meaning you just gotta work it out the best way that you can. You'll never know if you don't try might seem like an overused line but it's true. If you got a girl you like, approach her slowly (I don't mean it literary), and once you think she might say yes, ask her. All in all, just do what you gotta do, live your life the best way that you can, and romance will come.
Well I like this one guy. He's Christian and he's cute. When I take his hat he chases me and he's really sweet, but the girl who's right for you would like you for who you are. So don't try to be something you're not, that's not what he does. He's just himself. That's the main thing.
Looks are important, but not everything. Guys who are too full of themselves are just annoying. Smart guys are nice, and so is a sense of humour. Girls like to have things in common with the guy of interest, just so they at least have something to talk about. BE YOURSELF is probably the best advice I can give you!
..................... hey buddy..... its quite simple........... women are born with business instincts........... so the answer lies in the fact that what you have in your basket to offer.

11-2008-23, 03:35 PM
If you don't know anything about a woman (you see her at a coffee shop, for example), there are 8 basic things you can assume she is attracted to.

(This is from Chapter 7 of Magic Bullets, which also explains how to convey each one in a couple of minutes)

* Health
* Social Intuition
* Humor
* Status
* Wealth
* Confidence
* Challenging
* Pre-selected

Hope this helps.

11-2008-23, 05:22 PM
Original post is plagiarized. Please attribute sources and use quotes if you are going to copy/past text from other writers.

11-2008-23, 06:13 PM
holy shit man too much to read all i need is the great 8 n my hawt bod

11-2008-23, 08:59 PM
why name your thread what do girls look for in guys and just copy and paste something.


* Health
* Social Intuition
* Humor
* Status
* Wealth
* Confidence
* Challenging
* Pre-selected

11-2008-23, 10:31 PM
- CONFIDENCE.. confidence in a man is SO sexy. I'm not talking about a guy who claims he's confident and then shows he is not (met a few of those this weekend -rolls eyes-) I am talking someone who I know is confident right off the bat.

- Sense of humor, someone who will bust my balls and I can bust his and we can go from there. Someone who can make me laugh. (Marilyn Monroe said it best - "If you can make a girl laugh you could make her do anything")

- Personality. I have to be able to tell that you are a great guy as well and caring, just don't show too much of it when I am first getting to know you (another thing I ran into A LOT this weekend). I have to be able to have fun with you and not feel like you are trying to "force" a connection.

- Head on his shoulders. I like guys who know exactly what they want in life and are determined to go after it. It shows confidence and is just sexy lol. Major DHV!

- PHYSICAL ;) Ok, I definitely like guys who are clean shaven and WELL groomed (you know, regular haircuts so you don't have that fuzz on the back of your neck, etc...) and you must smell nice. One of my favorite things to do is kiss a guy's neck/face and it has to be smooth and have a pleasant aroma lol. I have my dark hair/dark eye type but I don't limit it to that because if a guy has the right personality and builds attraction he could look like Shrek and I'd still be swooning. Oh and my friends think I am CRAZY (just had a funny convo about this in the bar on Friday actually) but I love me a nice pair of shoulder blades lmfao. Seriously, shoulder blades are to me what a girl's ass is to a guy. Nothing beats having sex with a guy who has nice shoulder blades/upper back, I love running my hands/nails all over them.

I think that pretty much covers it. At least for initial attraction and such. Oh and a smile, he must have a smile that makes my heart smile. OK, that was corny as hell but I hope someone knows what I mean lol.

11-2008-24, 04:54 PM
In no order

INTELLIGENCE, nothing sexier then a smart guy. Intelligence earns my respect, if he doesnt have this all the gaming in the world would get him no where.

Style & Presentation, he looks after himself and cares about his appearance = self respect.

Goal oriented and ambitious - Someone who knows what they want out of life and works hard to achieve it.

Doesnt have to be "funny", but has to have the ability to make me smile

Personality & Values - we have to be compatible

Loyal & Honest

Physically: Taller then me (I'm 5'6, so thats not hard). Doesnt have to have a 6pac but has to look after himself. I prefer guys with dark hair.

11-2008-24, 06:23 PM
Aw femme.. we should show go "man hunting" together! lol

Intelligence is a HUGE thing. Thank you for reminding me lol.

11-2008-25, 12:17 PM
Aw femme.. we should show go "man hunting" together! lol

Please. You both know that's why you're here. ;)

11-2008-25, 03:45 PM
Aw femme.. we should show go "man hunting" together! lol

Intelligence is a HUGE thing. Thank you for reminding me lol.

Truelies, I dont hunt, Im the hunted ;)

11-2008-25, 04:03 PM
True that lol, I am the hunted as well but I am seriously beginning to think I am a "creeper magnet" so it's getting a little ridiculous :(

Dammit Jigg, you figured me out ;)

12-2008-12, 10:05 PM
- CONFIDENCE.. confidence in a man is SO sexy. I'm not talking about a guy who claims he's confident and then shows he is not (met a few of those this weekend -rolls eyes-) I am talking someone who I know is confident right off the bat.

- Sense of humor, someone who will bust my balls and I can bust his and we can go from there. Someone who can make me laugh. (Marilyn Monroe said it best - "If you can make a girl laugh you could make her do anything")

- Personality. I have to be able to tell that you are a great guy as well and caring, just don't show too much of it when I am first getting to know you (another thing I ran into A LOT this weekend). I have to be able to have fun with you and not feel like you are trying to "force" a connection.

- Head on his shoulders. I like guys who know exactly what they want in life and are determined to go after it. It shows confidence and is just sexy lol. Major DHV!

- PHYSICAL ;) Ok, I definitely like guys who are clean shaven and WELL groomed (you know, regular haircuts so you don't have that fuzz on the back of your neck, etc...) and you must smell nice. One of my favorite things to do is kiss a guy's neck/face and it has to be smooth and have a pleasant aroma lol. I have my dark hair/dark eye type but I don't limit it to that because if a guy has the right personality and builds attraction he could look like Shrek and I'd still be swooning. Oh and my friends think I am CRAZY (just had a funny convo about this in the bar on Friday actually) but I love me a nice pair of shoulder blades lmfao. Seriously, shoulder blades are to me what a girl's ass is to a guy. Nothing beats having sex with a guy who has nice shoulder blades/upper back, I love running my hands/nails all over them.

I think that pretty much covers it. At least for initial attraction and such. Oh and a smile, he must have a smile that makes my heart smile. OK, that was corny as hell but I hope someone knows what I mean lol.

Look at the first two she said. I see........ Cocky/Funny. In that order.

Notice none of the girls said "nice". Or "kisses my ass" or "treats me like my vuh-J-J is made of gold."

I also don't see. "I like a guy who tells me something about myself a la 'The cube!' I'm really just looking for a guy who will tell me a good DHV story!" ...Because those things are ridiculous.

12-2008-13, 06:22 PM
Look at the first two she said. I see........ Cocky/Funny. In that order.

I love c&f humor! My ex is actually how I found this forum in the first place. He was very shy/not good with interacting with girls and got into DYD right before we met and yeah, I was hooked lol. The reason he was into the c&f humor was because it was him and his personality, he just didn't know how to do this with girls.

I'm personally not one for the whole making up DHV stories (if you tell stories/things about who you are that DHV and are TRUE, then that's another story), using canned material, etc... If a guy game up to me in a bar and tried using a routine I'd probably call him out on it.

12-2008-13, 07:09 PM
I really dont think intelligence is up there you know. Not as an attribute in its self anyhow. I mean think about it, girls fancied the school football team captain, but very rarely the spelling bee champ. Im willing to bet the kid who was best at maths didn't have secret hordes of women admiring his brain.

What is attractive about intelligence is its application for other attributes, humor and interesting knowledge. I know from personal AFC experience it is more than possible to talk a perfectly good woman out of having sex with you by giving her long boring intellectual stimulus.