View Full Version : Escalation

10-16-2008, 09:54 AM
There's this gorgeous, gorgeous girl in my year in university who I wasn't really friends with recently. Her social circle is sort of connected to mine in that her group of like 6-10 latin girls will come out to the club etc whenever my group of 6-10 guys go out (for birthdays etc) but we don't really hang out with each other outside of that except for in school (have a quick conversation in the library or outside when having a smoke).

I recently started talking to the girl that I feel is the prettiest in the group - she was walking aimlessly around the library, teased her for that, went out for a smoke and went direct (since im working on ridding myself of anxiety of telling a girl shes pretty etc). I told her that I think she's the prettiest girl in school, she said she appreciated the compliment, then just sort of teased and joked around. We see each other in the library and joke around but my question is about escalation.

Considering that I mostly see her at school (and off and on at the club) I'm wondering how I would go about escalation. After all, middle of the day in school in a crowded place doesn't seem like the right place to escalate sexually aside from maybe a little bit of friendly touching. I'm afraid that if I wait to long and don't escalate I'll mess up and wind up in the friend zone like I did with a previous girl. Any ideas? Should I just wait until I go to the club? Or just during a conversation the next time I see her?