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10-08-2008, 11:44 PM
this is an hb7.5 I've met once last weekend, k-closed and did some other stuff, then was cockblocked by her girlfriend, I probably could of f-closed her (the full report is posted in the discussion forum). she apparently has an on/off boyfriend of some sort...

this is my second text conversation with her, the first one went alright, I had one (what I thought) really funny and sexually loaded line, she responded perfectly to it with something like "oh boy well check you out"...

tonight went like this...she posted a bulletin on myspace blah blah, I commented via text

Me : "what's the sweet news miss bulletin girl?"
(her : 1 hr later)
Her : "ha on the 22nd oct in n out burger are 25 cents and fries are 15"
(me : 1 hr later)
Me : "good to know! now u can afford to take me out...!"
Her : "haha you wish!"
Me : lol okay okay i'll split the bill with you ;)
Her : lol funny first last name
Me : haha one of my many talents hb first last name
Her : oh you have talents? i would have never known ha ha
Me : well maybe you should discover them :)
Her : oh gosh. lol
Me : What are you doing up so late?
(she's been responding quickly then didn't respond for 15+ mins)
Me : what are you listening to a bed time story?!
Her : ha no i'm just chillin, u?
Me : ohhh...i just got home from my hockey game, now i'm relaxing
Her : you play hockey! that is so cool
Me : oh yeah, i told you mannnyyyy talents! c'mon now hb. U should go to a game sometime
Her : yeah maybeeee

me : no response, I don't like maybe's...

what do u guys think? I wanted to keep some sexual tension building, but I felt I needed to take a step back when she said "oh gosh. lol" so that's what I did...what's next?

10-09-2008, 10:13 PM
What girl doesn't have some on-off bf?

This is one reason why I hate numbers in situations like this. This is why it's best to strike while the iron is hot, otherwise you get these big gaps in the interaction and end up having to regain traction, which can be more of a hassle than you care to deal with. It can be a good learning experience, but it can also be a waste of time.

The thing with text is you wanna gain compliance with it. Your example isn't bad, but you probably could have played with the framing a bit more and kept the playful-push/pull going. Like when she said "Oh gosh" you could have been like " Hey that's not what I meant...NAUGHTY GIRL *LOL*' then you can keep playing with the good-girl-bad-girl dynamic. Keep it flirtatious and fun. Look for those little openings where you can push sexuality and get a little raunchy. But if you get back into talk about "Yeah, I play hockey" then you can start playing with some 'grounding' comforty type shit, but then you'll have to build back up towards sexual/flirty stuff, just stay in control and in the lead with the convo.

Just some thoughts, man. Hope it helps a bit

10-10-2008, 12:45 PM
alright, gotcha thanks.

I might shoot her a text today with a good opener. I"m having a party at my house too so perhaps I'll mention that