View Full Version : Having problems Moving on from A zone

10-06-2008, 04:56 PM
Well I am a pretty confident guy and tend to joke around a lot with my friends and we really don't give a f, about what girls might think so we sometimes pass the line and we don't really care as long as we have fun.

Well I'm having problems moving on from A zone since I do throw some negs and sometimes I overuse neg so I might come across as really cocky which is not a good thing.

We actually talk to any girl that come across us and start messing/flirting/however you want to call it with them, but I do know I sometimes get above the line

I would like to know some key points to guys use to move from A1 to A2 to A3 finally to C1

What do you guys look into what have you learned from previous experiences.

I sometimes might be lucky and just do the right amount in A zone but I never find the pattern

Thank you all