View Full Version : Get her to qualify herself

10-06-2008, 05:03 AM
What ways are there to get her to qualify herself to me. I want this to be my frame always. I am the prize but its hard. besides disqualifying how do I get her to qualify herself? besides the usual "what make you stand out" .... I want to set the frame so its always like that.

10-06-2008, 05:16 AM
The best way I've noticed to make a woman qualify herself is to build full attraction and establish high value, primarily with your social circle! Then of course you must have the fashion, the interesting characteristics, etc. But the final piece of thread that makes her actively pursue you, which is qualifying, would be your rock away, ftc, and having options to leave her!!

You + Value - Her = Qualify herself.

If you had a really hot babe that was showing you attention, and then you thought highly of her not just her looks. Every time she seemed like she would leave to meet other friends or she saw interesting other people, you would volunteer information about how interesting you are, right?! (unless you're a pua then you wouldn't care.) But human nature is to hold on to what you have or at least what you want.

Problem, if she has a PUA mindset you would Have to actually verbally qualify her. Try changing up the script. " I love adventurous girls!!!...{quick 15 second story} ... do you enjoy adventure?" Then let silence make her tell you a story about her adventurous trait. I hope it's clear adventurous is just an example, make your own Qualifier.

Try these ideas, see how they fit you! I'm sure you can make something even more productive than what I've listed here, you seem like a very ambitious kid. I would wish you luck, but I'm sure you'll do well!!

Keep Sarging!! HAHAAH