View Full Version : Number Flakes: Can you get them to meet you even if they initially flake?

10-04-2008, 06:13 AM
I have had 2 number closes in 2 days and another girl took my number but I have not had a text back from the girls I messaged!

I have to be honest its only been a day for the first girl and one night for the second so I may still get a reply but I doubt that I will.

I am 99% certain that those girls although they liked me at the time did not feel comfortable and trust me enough. At the time they were in the emotional state to happily give me it but after the effects of the fun they had out and possibly alcohol left them they weren't sure either who I was or what I wanted!

Braddock talks about having low expectations when contacting the girls.

Initiate contact. Then tell them your out and they should meet you with their friends.

Thats great if the reply but if they don't then what?

I know I can get numbers easily and eventually I will iron out my gaming flaws and get solid numbers but why waste perfectly good number closes?

For example the girl I met Thursday night was smoking hot easily a 9 or 10.

I know she is at university and I know what she is studying.

If I follow the text game rules I would open her and wait for a reply. But I haven't got one. Maybe I will soon and maybe I won't.

So I was thinking what could I do? Its perfectly possible that the girl simply doesn't remmeber me so it doesn't matter what I say to her she won't reply or meet me if I follow the normal rules.

I could text her and tell her that I am out with my mates in a club and she should come along.

But if she doesn't remmeber me then she won't want to meet me in a club- it won't matter if she has friends with her or not.

Like I said this is game issues - if I got more attraction isolated qualified etc then it wouldn't be a problem but I didn't. I got attraction and number closed but can I save the number anyway?

So I know she is at uni. So why can't I use that to my advantage?

How about on Monday I text her. I say Monday because if I text today its too much and who does stuff on Sundays?!

But on Monday I know she is at uni. So I could text her and say something like:

Hey miami beach girl. Hows uni going today? (callback humor) I'm sure your working towards your placement and planning your shopping! I have had loads of lectures today. We should meet at one of the uni bars and have a drink. Let me know.

Its not a date - its at the university bar. Its busy.

Its a different approach. Its not lets meet somewhere where we won't know each other and its not a pressure situation.

Of course there is no guarantee she will meet me or reply but its a slightly different approach to what is suggested...

Or am I wrong? Feedback would be great!

10-05-2008, 11:21 AM
I have had 3 number closes in 3 days and NO replies to my initial text messages.

Obviously they either

1) Don't Remmeber me
2) Were drunk
3) Thought about it and changed their minds

There are plenty of variations on all of those scenarios.

If I can't get initial contact via Braddocks' Text game then they are very likely simply not going to reply.

And remmeber my initial texts had call back humour or were just "great to meet you" messages. No attempts to arrange to see them again at all.

Excluding the fact that there is another reason why they have not text - such as practical reasons (busy/no text messages left/no credit- that kinda stuff) then I have to assume they won't reply if I send any other message UNLESS it is a message that is REACTIONARY.

What do I mean? I am sure you can guess. The whole lets have a date message!

It makes me look needy but the non-needy approach did NOT work. And I can't wait around just in case there was another reason why they didn't reply...

SO I was talking to a friend that is a girl and she suggested sending a message saying:

I have been talking to a friend of mine that is a girl and she said something to me about direct text messages...

She said the girl(s) would have replied if they remembered me and/or liked me and if they didn't they they would not.

I tried the being nice and non commital messages and got no where.

She suggests being direct and saying:

"look I would not normally do this but when I met u the other night I thought we got on really well and if your single would u let me take you out for lunch?"

That is almost day game direct... what do you guys think?

It is needy. It may come off as creepy but maybe just maybe they might be romantic and love it and reply.

And if they don't then I am no worse off than I was before. No reply!

10-06-2008, 05:25 AM
I decided to try a similar message to the one above and use 2 example texts from mehow.

The one I sent similar to above was:

I don't normally do this but when I met you I thought you had a great personality and would you let me take you for lunch sometime? (my name)

I thought I wanted to tone it down a bit.

The other 2 I sent where:

Thats it, I come back find you shagging the poolman. So Im getting a divorce. You can keep the ferrari but I'm taking the beach house in miami (name).


Thats it, we're breaking up. wtf we gonna do with the cats? I'm keeping fluffy (name).

They are random humorous texts so we will see if any of the three get a reply today.

It will be fun to see (I expect they won't but who knows!).

10-06-2008, 05:30 AM
I just got a reply to the breakup and keep the cat message!

She said "what!?"

I would take that as meaning she doesn't remmember me.

So where do I take this now?

Obviously making her wait and wonder what the hell my message is about is a great thing but then what?