View Full Version : How would u handle these situations? Give full detail.

09-27-2008, 09:59 PM
now just imagine the following scenerios, pretend ur in them. in ur mind. u are seeing it all go down. u see it? ok good. now im gonna type a few scenerios. i wanna see how u would handle the situation. tell me full detail what u would say and do. okay go:

- you're on the bus and a fine latina with a bangin body sits next to u & youre interested.

- you're in college, forgot ya book. professor tells u to look on with sum1. u end up lookin on with a sexy ass blonde that looks kinda shy.

-you're walking around town n spot a beautiful lady walking her dog.

-you're on the elevator alone with a fine brazilian lady and u decide u wanna kick it 2 her

now all the puas out there gimme a full detailed response as to how u approach these situations.

best response wins a honorable praise.