View Full Version : What did i do wrong??

09-22-2008, 10:56 AM
so yesterday i kicked it with my friend jessica because she was depressed about a break up so i figured id step in and see if i make anything happen.
The day started with us going and having acouple drinks.That wasnt to fun until hers kicked in after we left then i made her come with me to help clean out my car( and yea i know cleaning out my cars not the most exciting thing in the world but it was spurt of the moment so i just ran with it) While we were doing we started a game up ultimate rock paper scissors,For those of you who dont know what that is,its the regular game but if the guy win he slaps the girl in the ass if she wins she gets to slap the dude in the face and ive never had anyone refuse to play that game so definatly give it a try anyway she loved playing that finally we got into a conversation about us hooking up and i seem to be in just friends zone with her so i told her some banter lines trying to build myself up alittle and i think it worked for somepart but aparently not as much as id have liked it to otherwise i wouldnt be here haha so the day ended with one more round of rock paper scissors and her slapping me in the face and her ex pulling up to give her gas because she used it all up getting to me i woulda helped her but i was broke so i drove off and later that night she calls me and i miss the call and call her back but no answer and thats the end of that
so come on guys feel free to be as brutally honest here as possible ill start returing the favors once i find my way around the website thanx a mil