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09-21-2008, 01:57 AM
I've been on this forum for about 3 months and I've learned a lot from you guys, huge thanks!
Now to my situation... I've been in college studying medicine for about a month now and I've really bonded with a super cool girl. She's not insanely hot... she's smart, very picky with guys (she's had 2 boyfriends), a bit conservative and soooo fun and kind. Anyway, we've spent very much time together and I'm positive I'm the one person in this new city that she's spent most time with. I've run quite a lot of routines on her, initially to get the attention but later to establish comfort etc. I've been cocky fun ALL THE TIME and done the 5 questions lying game, strawberry fields, my friends girlfriends found a thong in their bathromm etc., some thumb wresting, hand slapping and so on. We've been to ikea together, we've partied like crazy, we've been on countless sports activities, made dinner together several times and I'm getting more and more into her. Anyway... they point is we're quite comfortable together. Yesterday though she lied to me and I confronted her so she started crying but later we sorted it out and after the party we went home to her (3ish AM)... watched some tv but then we fell asleep together.

She's told me she's not a "one night stand" kind of girl and that she's actually never had one. Also she's told me indirectly that she wouldn't want to hook up with anyone in the class in that way. So I guess some sort of relationship is what it would take.... We've been very touchy... cheek kisses, some ass slapping, a lot of hugs but yesterday nothing really sexual happened.

Now I'm not really sure how to handle this... where do I go next? If I would start getting sexual with her and if she won't respond very well to that I could lose the coolest friends I've met here in this new city... On the other hand if there was a way for me to know she wanted something more I'm quite sure I have the courage to act on it. So maybe if you guys could point me out to some good seduction material... NLP, sexual routines etc... I've never got this far with pick up so I'm not really sure what to do.

P.S she broke up with her boyfriend about 3 weeks ago....

Thank you for your time.

09-21-2008, 09:30 AM
i think if you've spent that much time with her, you should have fucked her now. 20 hours is the rule of thumb. I don't care how picky she is. Your probably in the friend zone.

09-21-2008, 10:44 PM
You're probably right. Yesterday we were at a mutual friend's place but then (11 PM) we went home to me and watched a movie (she seemed like the one that took the initiative). It was pretty cozy, we had candles, tea and I had my arm around her all the time. She fell asleep on my lap and then woke up when I asked her some silly question. that was 2 AM... school starts 8.30 AM. So I asked her in a non intrusive way if she wanted to sleep here... but she said she sleeps best at her own place. I didn't care at all since she lives 1 minute from here but I wanted to reciprocate the favour; she had after all asked me if I wanted to sleep at her place the day before. I tried to invoke some sexual feelings in her by asking her what the most romantic exotic place she had experienced and in general try to make her recall happy memories.

However... my question still stands, is there no seduction material on how I could proceed? Like building sexual tension?

09-21-2008, 11:54 PM
Advice just for you: if you want to make things work first make SURE that you have compliance. If she won't buy you shit you're not fucking her.

Second freeze her out. There is a proper freeze out technique and an improper one, just don't see her for a while and get her to ask you out.

When she does act completely different than you already have been.

She's already fucked you up by damaging your sexuality and berating it with all of her words. the idea is to show her that you're still a sexual person ie alpha, you fuck girls etc and that it's part of you. ie she has to accept it, and then she has to go fuck you to be congruent with your (new) relationship.

its a great technique, but only freeze her out until she starts ioiing you big time and it's at least 48 hours. do this exactly though, don't skip anything. most people just get confident by reading stuff like this, and don't do it, think about actually following every step and why it's important.

09-22-2008, 07:32 AM
Thanks for your reply Radiating!
Some very good advice there... I'm just a bit unsure about how to exactly do it. Also I'm not completely sure about the definition of compliance... is it like her being interested in me or that she believes what I say? Is it like the hand holding technique where you take her hands and see if she drops her hands down when you drop yours?

Also could you detail the "proper freeze out technique"?

I was thinking of going to play volley ball with my class this afternoon but now I think I'll skip it just to not meet her. If I understood your "freezing out" correct....

Again, thanks again for your answers!