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09-2008-20, 02:01 PM
I'm over here hitting it like a five dollar pinjata. Tokyo's Shibuya & Harajuku districts bust wide open & full of candy. Doesn't taste so good for coming so easy... Need a harder ass.

Staying in Roppongi but moving soon, it's like a farmyard. At night this place is a jump off but no challenge. Where's the class action at without running into a load of lawyers?

If you're here of course you know all this already. Make yourself... Herd & be scene.

The obligatory Shibuya crossing: she's coming the other way headed for the 109 & she's beautiful, all of Japan's beauty personified & looking out through almond eyes & honey milk skin...

Her name is Yuki & she's with 3 girlfriends who look like they've jumped out of Maxim, they are all sickeningly beautiful. One is wearing suspenders & short shorts, toned legs that don't look like they'll quit & modest heels since she's tall, a great relief from so many other girls that walk around like two-legged giraffes on stilts. For the filth she's conveying below the waist she's classy & understated with her top... I admire the duality of this. It is balance. An Essex girl might get her legs out but she'd flaunt some cleavage & overdo it which can come off as try hard & slutty.

For the shallow who rate women with a number & talk about ten game only, see how forty suits ya.

I make contact & my eyes do the talking... then the smile. My Japanese is abysmal: limited to essentials & profanity. I'm also trying not to smirk, it takes a surprising effort to stop my face form a huge smug grin as the ancient telepathy work ages of evolution into a mere 3 seconds of contact shared among 9 eyes.

Faced with the unusual & exotic, our pupils dilate. Add the animal attraction & the neon night & we're all looking into the unknown & the what could be, the universal black pools of pure soul. 3 seconds feels longer & it's a golden window of time... it would be a three second rule but the approach has been well underway for that time. My unspoken words announce my highest truth & somehow, without saying anything I've already said all that was necessary. Like the old harlequin back to being mute.

So, 4 smiles reflect their light, pink & white, red & white, crimson & white...
Lone wolf? Time to pack that in & pack up. I'm a different animal out here & it would be fun to wing for someone again. Be prepared for change, my game is not game at all... you'll see.

(' *,)

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