View Full Version : Manage with 21+ younger ones seem harder

09-08-2008, 01:48 AM
Hey guys I am new in this forum as you can see this is post number 1 so any kind of tips would be nice.

I don't have a confidence problem or an approach anxiety.
i guess I am average looking...

I do just fine with older women all my gfs well that I spent a month plus with have been a year older. Had once made a 34 year old HB mother of 2 children attracted to me in such a way that I got scared away from her. Thank God I never F-closed the deal.

For some reason when I transitioned to UK I couldn't approach any woman well besides that of my own ethnicity easily and then make her attracted to me.
I did have successes in british women I am not saying i had no successes but all those successes were them being attracted to me and me ignoring them because that's what I do and i didn't care enough to do anything else plus I do get scared when a woman's more forward than I am.
And tell you the truth I have yet to find a woman younger than me who is someone that I would wanna have with me...

I know the deal is that I am overthinking everything. Thus I decided this year to look for the intelligent, bi gf of my dreams...

Do you think Mystery Method will work?
I know it works in women frmo my country but how bt there?